What are the top priorities of Raise We Our Voices?

Raise We Our Voices: For Access and Excellence will support the people of St. Anne’s-Belfield School by growing the endowment and increasing annual resources to the operating budget specifically targeted for financial aid and teaching excellence. We seek to raise $10 million for the following initiatives:

Access so that talented and deserving students can attend St. Anne’s-Belfield School, regardless of their ability to afford the full tuition, and so that our School can move closer to its aspirational vision for total “need-blind” admission.

Teaching Excellence so that St. Anne’s-Belfield School can attract, retain, and develop the very best teachers and provide them with the resources they need to excel and innovate.

Through this initiative, we also hope to celebrate and share the many voices of our community through increased engagement, connection, dialogue and storytelling.

Why now, and why these priorities?

Our people are the heart of our School. We need to ensure that every qualified student has access to our education and ensure teaching excellence and innovation for the future. We must act now. In this changing and multi-cultural world, it is imperative that we create a diverse and vibrant community here at St. Anne’s-Belfield School, a place where students of different gifts and voices can exchange ideas, learn, and grow. To lead and develop these future leaders, we must attract the very best teachers, and once they are here, we must provide them with the resources they need to succeed, from professional development opportunities to new classroom technologies and creative learning spaces.

At St. Anne’s-Belfield School, we aspire to create an enriching academic and community experience that inspires both teachers and students on a daily basis. We are not only teaching for today. We are inspiring and empowering leaders of tomorrow.

Though tuition supports much of our operating expenses, it alone does not address all of our programs. Our Annual Fund helps to make up the difference and supports so much more than what typical schools in a small community can provide, from athletics to arts, yet it too falls far short of what we need to ensure support for scholarships, financial aid and teacher salaries for the long term. As the largest independent school in the smallest market nationally, we have a unique and challenging model to sustain.

Tuition increases at present levels are not a viable solution in our marketplace and given our enrollment aspirations. Our relatively large enrollment brings great benefit to our students and community, yet requires alternative and sustainable funding. This is why we created Raise We Our Voices to be a focused effort to ensure endowment growth and operating funds for these paramount priorities for generations to come.

Why is the goal $10 million?

In 2014, the Board of Trustees outlined a ten year financial model that projected approximately $1.3 million needed in new current-use resources to be used to augment operational expenses, such as financial aid and teacher salaries. By raising these funds through philanthropic sources, we can mitigate against the need for substantial increases to the Annual Fund and tuition and protect the principal of the unrestricted endowment.

Where should I direct my gift?

Wherever you give and whatever the size of your gift, you will be making a difference - so, thank you! Donors are encouraged to consider directing their campaign gift to a fund in one of these categories:

Area of Greatest Need (at the School’s discretion)

Access Funds

Financial Aid Endowment Funds

Financial Aid Current Use Funds

Teaching Excellence Funds

Teaching Excellence Endowment Funds

Teaching Excellence Current Use Funds

Can pledges be made over a period of time?

Yes, pledges can be made over a period of up to five years.

Are there any naming opportunities associated with this campaign?

Yes, there are naming opportunities available for gifts of $10,000 and above. All donors will be recognized in our annual honor rolls and on the School’s website.

Are there ways to support this initiative and the School in addition to giving?

Yes! By staying engaged, you perpetuate, extend, and bolster St. Anne’s-Belfield School’s impact. You become a part of a strong network of Saints around the world that supports personal and professional success in current and future alumni. Stay engaged by doing the following:

+ Help the School to attract talented students and teachers. Contact the admission office, the division heads, or the associate head for academics with referrals.

+ Volunteer! We are always looking for parents and alumni to get involved so that we can create a strong and vibrant school community. Check out volunteer opportunities at


+ Connect with our students by participating as a guest speaker.

+ Host an intern at your company.

+ Attend various St. Anne’s-Belfield School events throughout the year. If you are an alumnus, please consider hosting or supporting local and regional alumni events. Contact the Alumni Office if you are interested.

+ Stay in touch with us on social media. If you are an alumnus, please download the Alumni App!

+ Share your story via our website.

I already support other institutions and nonprofits through charitable giving. Why should I give to St. Anne's-Belfield School?

The educational experience at St. Anne’s-Belfield will have a lasting impact. Nothing compares to the power of a good education, whether measured in the acquisition of skills, knowledge, values, or friendships.

As a School we are holding firm to our traditions, while boldly adopting new and innovative programs and we are doing big things in our community, from hosting the first-ever Hackathon in the area for high school students to bringing world-class speakers to our backyard for the Inspiration Speaks lecture series.

While we are proud of all that we are doing, we can do so much more to meet the needs of deserving students who want to attend St. Anne’s-Belfield School, and we can be more competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining the very best teachers. We are eager to lead a new era of educa­tional excellence.


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Raise Your Voice

“We call on everyone in our community to pay it forward to help the next generation of scholars, through gifts for access and excellence, through your time and engagement, and by telling your story and raising your voice for our St. Anne’s-Belfield.”

Rich Booth, Chair, Board of Trustees