We need your help to ensure that St. Anne’s-Belfield School can open its doors to students of all backgrounds and talents now and into the future. Such an investment is necessary to achieve present enrollment goals, become more financially sustainable, and achieve programmatic excellence. Our ability to continue to offer the breadth of programs depends on the critical mass of talented, motivated students who participate in our robust orchestral, theater and arts programs, over 46 athletics teams, myriad extracurricular activities and most importantly contribute to the rich academic experience.

At present the School awards over $5 million in financial aid to nearly 40% of its students. Average grant size is around $12,000 in grades K - 8 and over $14,000 in grades 9 - 12. Financial assistance is awarded to a wide range of families. Students for whom the School would not be possible without financial aid include a choir leader who speaks of being challenged to think broadly and get out of his comfort zone; a transfer student from a local school who talks about the profound impact of her recent Intensive Course on Race and Gender and her ambition that the School introduce a broader curriculum around these topics; and the student government leader whose ambitions are shaped by her pursuit of independent studies in religion and art.

Attracting and enrolling students regardless of their ability to afford full tuition is a defining characteristic of our mission, an important element in our financial planning, and most importantly, a means to achieving the kind of 21st century learning environment that our students and teachers deserve and need for thriving in the future. It is a commitment that we intend to strengthen.



Encouraging Access

"Today, St. Anne’s-Belfield is a much more diverse school in every way, and I hope that our Class of 1954 Inasmuch Fund will be continue to be able to bring students, of whatever background, to the School who would otherwise be unable to attend.”

- Margaret Goodman '54