The Ultimate Gift - a Bequest in Your Will

Friends of St. Anne's-Belfield School often seek to perpetuate their support for the School's mission. A bequest is a simple and effective way to continue your contribution to the School beyond your lifetime. A bequest uses resources that are no longer needed for yourself, to achieve your aspirations for the School:

  • Endowing one’s annual gift in perpetuity.
  • Providing general endowment for future needs not yet imagined.
  • Underwriting the critical needs of the School.

Bequests are the most common planned gift, with almost universal appeal. A bequest to the School may well suit your needs, if:

  • You have a will or revocable trust, or are ready to create one.
  • You want to give while ensuring that your family is taken care of first.
  • You wish to keep your options open should you wish to change your mind.
  • You seek to lessen any possible estate tax.

Your bequest to the School's endowment will ensure that St. Anne's-Belfield will thrive—and its mission will flourish—regardless of economic fluctuation or unforeseen events. A bequest gift is easy to make with an attorney's help. Bequest provisions can be written to suit your exact inclination, whether that is to give the School:

  • A particular percentage of the estate’s value.
  • A specific dollar amount.
  • A particular item of property such as real estate or stock.

Notifying the School if You Have Made a Bequest

  • Please contact Warren Buford at (434) 296-5106 or to notify the School about your bequest, especially if you intend to designate this bequest for a particular purpose. Notifying the School will help to ensure that your gift is used as you intend, and makes the maximum contribution to the School's mission.
  • We also kindly ask that you notify the School of the estimated value of your bequest so that the School can record your bequest as an asset. Valuation methods can be complicated and differ depending on age and the type of gift. Please contact Warren Buford (contact information above) for more information. The School pledges to keep all such information secure and confidential, and to be good stewards of your gifts.

  • We kindly request a copy of the portion of your will or similar document that mentions the School as a beneficiary. For sample language you can include in your will, please click here. Your attorney can draft a contingent bequest that takes effect only in the right circumstances. Although you may designate your gift for a particular purpose, an undesignated bequest gives St. Anne's-Belfield School the flexibility to use the gift where it is most needed. Besides a copy of your will, the School can also accept a letter on your letterhead conveying equivalent information.
  • We invite you to become a member of The 1910 Society by filling out the membership form.

Any information concerning giving options or their tax benefits, on this website or otherwise, provided by St. Anne's-Belfield School is of a general educational nature only and does not constitute, or substitute for, legal advice. Please seek competent legal advice regarding how any gift to the School might affect your personal situation.