Planned Giving

We all want to take care of what and who we love. We work hard to ensure that they have the resources they need to thrive. A planned gift is one designed to provide resource for the people and places that are meaningful to us after we are no longer there to support them. Working with your lawyer and financial advisor, you can specify that a part of your estate pass to the School after your death. Most planned gifts cost nothing during your lifetime. Planned gifts may also provide immediate income to your or your loved ones.

It is important that donors understand the full range of assets which can be used to make a planned gift. By far, the most common type of planned gift is a bequest made at the time of the donor’s death. Retirement accounts, real estate, life insurance policies, and appreciated property may each be converted into gifts that benefit the School.

Similarly, there are many types of planned gifts which may be established to benefit both the donor and the School. Our gift options chart describes many of these types of gifts, but each donor should consult with his or her advisors to ensure that gifts achieve the desired effect.

The School is grateful to the many donors who already have made planned gifts to St. Anne’s-Belfield School. These individuals, known collectively as the 1910 Society, understood that their support will have an enduring impact in supporting the School they loved so much.

If you are interested in learning more about making a planned gift, please contact Tara Harrington at or (434) 296-5106.

Why I Made a Planned Gift