Why I Joined the 1910 Society

Use the panels below to learn why these alumni and members of the 1910 Society made their impact by giving back to the School through planned giving.

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Victoria Kerewich Blackford ‘70

My husband and I wrote our wills at least twenty years ago. As education has always been important to us both, we wanted to provide monies for institutions which had influenced us greatly in those formative years.

I had a tremendous experience at Belfield through eighth grade and then at St. Anne’s. It was of course academically focused but also strongly included athletics, arts, community service, and spiritual growth not to mention the friendships formed. It is only fitting that I wanted to contribute to the School’s core purpose to inspire and prepare the next generation of exemplary citizens and visionary leaders.

John Grove ‘80

The encouragement and attention I received from the many talented and caring teachers at St. Anne's-Belfield continue to have positive impact on my personal and professional life, as I have raised children and grown a business. Becoming at 1910 Society member is a great way for me to give back and help insure that others may have the kind of experience I was fortunate to have at the School.

Elizabeth Haile Hayes ‘71

Going to St. Anne's in the tenth grade was a transformative experience for me. I got an excellent education from teachers who were passionate about their subject areas and also about their "girls." Teachers like Pam Malone, Kay Butterfield, Kathy Chase, Elizabeth Norfleet, and Sandra Mackay were but some of the educators who are etched in my memory. Today, some of my best friends are from my St. Anne's days.

After 25 years, I became re-engaged with St. Anne's-Belfield when I joined their Board. My 12 years on the Board was an education on how incredible the teachers and programs are at our school. Dedication, innovation, curiosity, and teamwork are some of the words that come to mind with respect to the students, faculty, administration, and curriculum.

St. Anne's gave so much to me and I want to return the favor. In addition to supporting the Annual Fund (which is critical for School operations), I have made a commitment to the 1910 Society to ensure that the School continues to offer opportunities to positively change student's lives. I hope that you will think back to your experience at the School and join me in making a commitment to the 1910 Society.

Sherley Osgood Keith ‘67

Supporting St. Anne’s-Belfield is, for me, a way of giving thanks. Because I treasure every aspect of my years at the school, I want to support its continuing purpose and existence – its mission, its values, its teaching, and its students. I want to play a part in helping the school to thrive so that future generations can have the same inspiring experience and abundance of opportunities that I did.

Although I always give to the Annual Fund, I wanted to give a gift that would eventually have a larger impact. As the cost of independent schools rise and as teachers prepare their students for jobs that haven’t yet been invented, there is more need than ever to support the financial aid and innovative educational programs that attract talented, deserving students and teachers. I would love to know that my gift played a part in the future of the school I love so dearly.

Planned giving is a deeply personal process, but taking the time to do it before there is some kind of crisis or rush ensures that you can direct funds where you most want them to go. I discussed my planned gift with my family, added a codicil to my will, and notified STAB that I had included the school in my estate plans. It was painless – and joyful!

Elizabeth Brooke Henry ‘65

I loved St. Anne's as it gave me a very safe place in my otherwise very unsafe world -- though I was consistently rebelling against the rules, I needed them and probably knew it somewhere deep inside. St. Anne's made me a big part of who I am today and I have many people to thank -- specifically Kay Butterfield and Pam Malone and Margaret Jefferson who all saw something in me that I didn't see. If my small donation could go toward helping another person like me, it would be a good thing. But I am also fine with it going for whatever the School deems appropriate.

Holly Stevenson Hunt ‘86

My family has always felt education is a priority and something you can never take away from a person. Several members of our family have been educators or benefited from the generosity of others so it makes sense to give back or pay it forward whichever way you want to look at it. I had a very happy experience at St. Anne’s-Belfield, and although we live out of town and my children do not attend the School, I want to support a school that was so supportive of me. I made many terrific friends and was taught by a wonderful faculty.

A planned gift will grow over time and make a bigger impact down the road. That said, I am also a member of the Malone Society because it is important to donate annually to show “customer satisfaction” when the School applies for grants.

Consider donating low cost basis stock that you may not want to otherwise sell because of the tax consequences. 

Myron Ripley ‘86

For me, as an alum, I think about all the School provided me. Not only a great education in a nurturing environment and the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, but it also introduced me to classmates, faculty, and staff who valued the growth of one’s mind; not only for the four years I attended STAB, but for a lifetime. Learning and treating people respectfully doesn’t stop when you receive your diploma, it actually is only the beginning.

For me when I think about my legacy, I want everyone to know that the impact of St. Anne’s-Belfield was so significant that I want it to pass on well after I have left this world.

Finally, I recognize that for me the School has been a lifetime journey. One possibly more impacted than others. But, and I think you have to pause even for a brief moment, what life would have been like without the School. Without a Malone, Conway, Tarring, Waylett, or Holland? For me I know it would have been significant. Those people and many others shaped and molded me at some of the most important times in my life. And again it didn’t stop in June of 1986. It has continued for a lifetime. What I give to St. Anne’s-Belfield pales in comparison to what it gave and continues to give me.

Kem McCoid Roth ‘84

I can’t think of a day that my time at St Anne’s-Belfield doesn’t have a positive impact on me and, indirectly, my family. Whether it is giving me thought-provoking insights into current and future educational trends, making connections with another alums, or talking with my children about the way in which Ms. Malone taught me to write a term-paper, there are infinite ways I am reminded of my time on the Greenway Rise. I am proud to be a St. Anne's-Belfield School graduate and feel lucky to be a member of the 1910 Society. I am so impressed that the wonderful school I went to has become better and better. I hope my gift will help it grow and thrive in the future.