Giving Societies

Giving societies at St. Anne’s-Belfield pay tribute to the amazing group of donors dedicated to helping fulfill the School's mission. Thank you to everyone who has joined these societies through giving and planned giving to the School.

Please contact Bruce Cauthen at (434) 296-5106 or for more information about giving societies or click here to give now and become a member.

The DuVal Society

While gifts of any size are welcome, donors who wish to make a leadership gift to the Annual Fund of $2,000 or more will be recognized as members of the DuVal Society and receive invitations to special DuVal Society events. The Society honors the "body, mind, heart, soul" legacy of former Headmistress Mary Hyde DuVal.

Donors who make gifts at any of these levels will be recognized by leadership category in annual report publications.

The DuVal Society Levels

  • Patron Saints - $25,000 and above
  • Head's Circle - $10,000 to $24,999
  • Ivy Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
  • All Saints' Club - $2,000 to $4,999


Anonymous (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Philmore B. Anderson
Ms. Janice C. Aron
Mr. Robert Aron
The Arnold F. Baggins Foundation
Mr. Richard Booth, Sr
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Barry Sr.
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bennett
Ms. Tricia Hoefling & Mr. Timothy W. Billings
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Bruton
Dr. Jill Lord & Mr. Stephen Byrd
Cal Financial Group, Inc.
Mrs. Ann Watkins Calhoun '74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Cathcart
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Cocke Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent M. Couling
The Crimi Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. J. Gary Crimi
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Dahl
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence D. Daniels
Mr. John S. Darrell
Mr. and Mrs. Lodewijk R. de Vink
Mrs. Phyllis Culbertson Draper '49 & Mr. William H. Draper
Dunnington Family Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. A. Pendleton DuPuis
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Eastlack
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Edmonds Jr.
Mrs. Erika Thelen Fennell '99 & Mr. Jay G. Fennell '87
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Ms. Fiona Joiner Forward & Mr. Hugh Forward
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Foshay, III
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frazier IV
Mr. and Mrs. Peter U. Gavin
Mrs. Tarpley Vest Gillespie '90 & Mr. William S. Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Granville
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Ms. Stasia Greenewalt & Mr. Frederick Greenewalt
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dandridge Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Grimes
Mr. Changdong He '12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. Bret W. Holden
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Thad M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jurick
Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Kapp
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Kelly
Mr. James G. Kenan III
Dr. Shannon Kennedy & Ms. Katherine I. Kennedy
Ms. Mi-Hyun Kim & Mr. Doo-Hyun Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Orman L. Kimbrough V
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Koontz
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Laing
Mrs. Anna Logan Lawson '61 & Mr. Thomas T. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe LeVaca
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lewis IV
Ms. Sophie Lin
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lourie
Mrs. Jing Li & Mr. Chong Lu
Mrs. Wenning Bi & Mr. Zhiyu Luo
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Malasek
The Marbrook Foundation
McClellan Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. McClellan
Mr. and Mrs. Grayson C. McNeely '90
R. K. Mellon Family Foundation
Lawrence & Lucy Milligan Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Milligan
Morris Family Foundation
Ms. Karen Moran & Mr. B. Wistar Morris, III
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Oakey
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ould
Mr. Yi Pan
Ms. Kelley A. MacDougall & Mr. Michael A. Pausic
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Pritchard
Mrs. Katharine McCoid Roth '84
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sackson
Schwab Charitable Fund
The Spray Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Tripp M. Stewart
Mr. and Mr. Rob Stockhausen, Jr.
Mr. Jefferson S. Strider '74
The American Gift Fund
Mr. and Ms. Kevin Uhrich
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Vaughan
Mr. and Mrs. Giacomo Veltri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Venerus
Mrs. Fang Xu &
Mr. Bing Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Liankun Wang
Ms. Loring Woodriff & Mr. Justiniano F. Campa '91
Mrs. Li Zhang
Mrs. Liqin Wei & Mr. Wei Zhou

As of Oct. 1, 2017

The Malone Society

The School’s Malone Society is named in memory of longtime teacher, administrator, and mentor Pamela Malone. The Malone Society is comprised of alumni leadership donors who contribute $1,000 or more in a given year to any current-use (non-endowed) fund. These gifts ensure the legacy of teaching excellence established by Ms. Malone continues year after year.

Members are listed each fall in a special section of the School’s Honor Roll of Donors, and also invited to special alumni events during Alumni Weekend. Alumni who gave within the first year are considered founding members, and are honored on a commemorative plaque on the Greenway Rise Campus.


Join the Malone Society


Anonymous (8)
Mr. Peter D. Abraham '80
Mrs. Merrill Underwood Barringer '50
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Berry '84
Mrs. Preston Lunsford Binner '90 & Mr. Randy Binner
Mrs. Mary Scott Blake Birdsall '60 & Mr. John H. Birdsall III
Mrs. Elizabeth Myers Borches '93 & Mr. Peter Borches
Mr. Arthur Newton Bowen III '80
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. M. Brannock '74
Ms. Kari Alexandra Browne '84
Mrs. Ann Watkins Calhoun '74
Ms. Loring Woodriff & Ms. Justiniano F. Campa '91
Mrs. Holly Macaulay Casey '74
Mr. Irby Bruce Cauthen III '74
Mr. Derwood Sumner Chase III '74
Stuart & Gabriella Chase
Mr. Yishi Chen '16
Mr. Stephen M. Clarke, Jr. '90
Mrs. Anne Walker Cleveland '68
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Croll '89
Ms. Jennifer A. Crutchfield '02
Ms. Diane Mott Davidson '66
Mrs. Birgit Nielsen Deeds '54
Mrs. Phyllis Culbertson Draper '49 & Mr. William H. Draper
Mr. James G. Elron '15
Mr. Samuel L. L. Epstein '15
Mr. Philip Henry Evans '80
Mrs. Sarah Hormel Everett '82 & Mr. J. Thomas Everett, III
Mrs. Erika Thelen Fennell '99 & Mr. Jay G. Fennell '87
Cliff Fleet '88 and Fran Zemmel
Mrs. Frances Brawley Foster '73
Ms. Martha C. Fox '10
Mrs. Sarah Mott Freeman '72
Mrs. Carrie Camp Gibbons '79 & Mr. Joel Gibbons IV
Mrs. Tarpley Vest Gillespie '90 & Mr. William S. Gillespie
Mrs. Julia Potts Grehan '48
Mr. J. Tyler Grisham '01
Mr. John McLaughlin Grove '80
Mrs. Elizabeth Haile Hayes '71
Mr. Changdong He '12
Mrs. Cali Arnette Hendricks '96 & Mr. Richard A. Hendricks II '96
Mrs. Katherine Rhoads Henyon '93 & Mr. Brett K. Henyon '89
Mrs. Lisa Gooch Hohmann '70
Ms. Yan Pei Huang '12
Dr. William Rupert Huckle '74
Mrs. Elizabeth Holly Stevenson Hunt '86
Mrs. Sherley Osgood Keith '67
Mrs. Mary Gibbs Lane '66
Mrs. Anna Logan Lawson '61 & Mr. Thomas T. Lawson
Mrs. Mary Le Jeune Mackall '59
Mrs. Cynthia Coxe McDowell '74
Ms. Lynn McLain '67
Mr. Christopher L. McLean '82
Ms. Theresa Jane McMurdo '87
Mr. and Mrs. Grayson C. McNeely '90
Ms. Alicia Emily Mendicino '65
Mr. Leigh Benjamin Middleditch III '74
Mr. Roger H. Miksad '98
Mr. John B. Milnor '00
Mrs. Bruce Randolph Murray '65 & Mr. James B. Murray, Jr.
Mr. Duck-Hyun Nam '02
Mrs. Marguerite Waller Nunnally '71
Mr. Benjamin A. O'Neil '96
Mrs. Cynthia Gianakos Oates '75
Mr. Alexander B. Price '74
Ms. Anne Davis Purinton '66
Mr. Myron D. Ripley '86
Mr. G. Kinsey Roper III '73
Mrs. Katharine McCoid Roth '84
Mrs. Irene Hilliard Russell '65
Ms. Jane Sellars Scott '68
Jane Schwarzschild Shackelford '67
Mr. John T. Siciliano '11
Dr. Katherine L. Smallwood '71
Mr. Robert Sellers Smith '77
Mrs. Margaret Watkins Southern '67
Mr. Malcolm L. Stewart '75
Mrs. Lee Roper Stough '71
Mr. Jefferson S. Strider '74
Drs. Rebecca and David Swett, D.D.S '86
Mr. Matthew A. Swift '05
Mr. William R. Taylor '03
Mrs. Therese Molyneaux Thatcher '57
Mr. William M. Thompson III '00
Mr. Kevin John Vogeley '86
Mr. Douglas B. Wheeler '91
Mrs. Paula Hardin Wix '65
Dr. Judith Woodfolk & Mr. Michael J. Woodfolk '84
Mr. Ted Yarbrough '86

As of Oct. 1, 2017

The Sustainers’ Society

St. Anne’s-Belfield School is extremely grateful for the numerous donors who have chosen to provide their support for 20 or more consecutive years. These donors, known as the Sustainer’s Society, provide a living testament to the power of the School to affect lives.


Ms. Susan Stein

& Mr. Kenneth Abraham

Mrs. Barbara Nobles Altizer '67

Mr. Nicholas K. D. Altree '84

Ms. Carol L. Anderson '66

Mrs. Gertrude Coe Baskerville '51

Ms. Karine Boulle & Mr. Anh


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. M. Brannock '74

Mrs. Sarah Hormel Everett '82 & Mr.

J. Thomas Everett, III

Mrs. Carrie Camp Gibbons '79 & Mr.

Joel Gibbons IV

Mr. Michael H. Glover

Ms. Margaret L. Goodman '54

Mrs. Julia Potts Grehan '48

Dr. Meredith Strohm Gunter & Dr. Bradley H. Gunter

Mrs. Jennie Jane Hantzmon '84 & Mr.

Matthew W. Hantzmon '83

Mr. and Mrs. W. Tucker Johnson

Reverend Anne Eldridge Koehler '69

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kovatch

Mrs. Anna Logan Lawson '61 & Mr. Thomas T. Lawson

Mrs. Ann Tremain Lee '65

Ms. Karen LeMaire

Ms. K. Ahern & Dr. C. S. McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Moore-Coll

Mr. and Mrs. David Mozee

Ms. Meghan Randolph Murray '93 & Mr. Steven A. Bowers

Mr. Haywood Nelms III '64

Mr. Mark C. O'Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Olivier

Mrs. Lulah Stevens Paulos '67

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pickering

Mr. Matthew Laurence Richardson '77

Mrs. Durdane Atuk

Rouse '71

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwagerl, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund G. Simpson

Dr. Katherine L. Smallwood '71

Mrs. Susan D. Smith & Mr. Bob Baydush

Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Speidel

Mrs. Nancy Hindsley Spruill '73

Drs. Rebecca and David Swett, D.D.S '86

Mrs. Therese Molyneaux Thatcher '57

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Troy

Mrs. Margaret Hench Underwood '46

Mrs. Margaret R. Van Liew

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Vest

Mrs. Jennifer Bonthron Waters '65

Dr. Nina Solenski & Mr. Thomas Weis

The Honorable and Mrs. J. H. Wilkinson III

Mrs. Janet Horsley Willis '76

Ms. Meg L. Zimmerman '75

As of April 2017

The 1910 Society

St. Anne’s-Belfield School established the 1910 Society in 2007 in recognition of those who seek to ensure the long-term health and well-being of the School by including it in their estate plans. Members of The 1910 Society provide vital resources to help the School realize its goals. The members of The 1910 Society – alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends – understand that their support will have an enduring impact on the School they loved so much. Planned giving is also one of the primary ways of bolstering the School’s endowment. A well-funded endowment plays a critical role in enabling the School to meet its diverse needs, keeping tuition affordable, faculty compensation competitive and our campuses safe, well-maintained and well-equipped.

Planned gifts to the School include: Bequests, charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trusts, retirement accounts, insurance. Each method conveys special benefits to the donor, and every one enhances the future of our School.

We invite you to join this group of friends of the School who have found mutually beneficial ways to provide for the School's future through planned giving. Please consider sustaining St. Anne’s-Belfield School’s outstanding history of educational achievement by making a planned gift to the School. After joining, you will be listed as a member of the 1910 Society each year in our Annual Report.


Mrs. M. Frederica Bacher

Mr. Edwin J. Bernet Jr. '72

Mr. Frederic A. Berry '84

Mrs. Victoria Kerewich Blackford '70

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Booth Jr.

Mr. Andrew T. Callan III '97

Mr. Irby Bruce Cauthen III '74

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Collins

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Doboy '69

Ms. Babette Rogol Fernandez '91

Mrs. Patricia Powell Fieger '47

Ms. Margaret L. Goodman '54

Mr. John R. Graham '79

Mrs. Julia Potts Grehan '48

Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Harman

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Hassell '67

Mrs. Elizabeth Haile Hayes '71

Ms. Elizabeth Brooke Henry '65

Mrs. Barbara V. Howard

Mrs. E. Stevenson Hunt '86

Mrs. Laura Speed Elliott Larsen '46

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lourie

Dr. Alice Parker Meador '52

Dr. Susan Miller & Mr. Sean A. Miller


Ms. Janelle Hardin Morton '72

Mr. Myron D. Ripley '86

Mrs. Katharine McCoid Roth '84

Mrs. Elizabeth Howard Spencer '92

Mrs. Virginia Stokes

As of April 2017