Endowment Giving

Endowed and planned gifts provide opportunities for donors who wish to make an enduring impact on the School. Endowed and planned gifts touch many aspects of student life by providing funds for scholarships, athletics, student travel, operational support, and more.

The St. Anne’s-Belfield School Endowment is comprised of invested funds established by the School community to support the operation and ongoing advancement of the School.  As the School’s largest financial asset, the Endowment serves to impact and enhance our current student experience while also building a rich and sustainable future. Totaling $53,505,914 as of June 30, 2019, the School’s Endowment has continued a strong growth trajectory for more than a decade.

The Endowment consists of nearly 40 individual funds established for a variety of purposes, both donor-restricted funds created for scholarships, professional development, special programs, and operational uses, as well as funds designated by the Board of Trustees to function as endowments. A portion of endowment earnings are used to support the operating budget each year.



Endowment Spotlight
Endowment Spotlight - Jon Shoup

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Endowment Guidelines

Endowments are established legally as independent funds, and their financial returns are audited each year. As a result, the School has established policies to help avoid creating funds that incur costs while yielding minimal benefit.

At present, a named endowment fund may be created with a minimum of $25,000. Once this threshold is reached, a portion of the fund’s earnings (approximately 5%; the actual amount is established each year by the School’s investments committee and is based on market performance) will be allocated to achieve the fund’s goal.

If you are interested in learning more about the School’s current endowments or about establishing an endowed fund, please contact Warren Buford, associate head of school for advancement, at wbuford@stab.org or (434) 296-5106.