Tech Camp @ STAB

Tech Camp

June 19 - 23, June 26 - 30, July 3 - 7, July 10 - 14, July 17 - 21, July 31 - Aug. 4
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., grades 2 - 12
$530/session, lunch and afternoon snack included with registration

Whether you are a beginner just getting started with creating tech or are more advanced and want to hone your skills - we’ve got you covered. St. Anne’s-Belfield School has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to integrate computer science across the curriculum. At Tech Camp @ STAB you will have access to some of the amazing educators that are bringing this unique curriculum to life!


Michele Mathieson, the Technology Resource coordinator in the Learning Village, is running tech camps for rising second through fourth graders.

Kim Wilkens, the coordinator of the Computer Science Initiative in the Learning Village & founder of Tech-Girls is running the tech camps for rising fifth through eighth graders. She is passionate about transforming technology users into technology creators, collaborators & activists.

Zach Minster, the coordinator of the Computer Science Initiative in the Upper School, is running the tech camps for rising seventh through 12 graders.


Student Creations

Use the links below to explore the Tech Camp websites and see what some of the students created last summer:


Who can register to attend Tech Camp?
Tech Camp is open to the community. We have camps for rising grades 2 - 4, rising grades 5 - 8, and rising grades 9 -12.

Will my child spend all day at a computer?
No! We love tech, but we also love to play outdoors and build things. We start the day with camp-wide community building activities outside (weather permitting). We also have breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon outdoors (weather permitting). Plus there are many unplugged activities planned throughout the week.

Where is Tech Camp and what are the hours?
Tech Camp runs 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and is located at the St. Anne's-Belfield Learning Village campus. All families will receive an e-mail approximately two weeks before the start date of camp, which will include a campus map and details on check in and dismissal.

What is the Friday Demo Party?
On Friday afternoon, we invite family and friends to come by before dismissal to check out all the cool creations from the week.

What should my child bring?
  • Please bring any medication your child requires in a clear plastic zip bag labeled with your camper’s name plus the associated forms.
  • Put sunscreen on before arrival. We are not authorized to provide sunscreen nor is your child allowed to administer it themselves.
  • Lunch and an afternoon snack are provided. If your child does bring food, please be aware that we are a nut-free camp, so do not pack nut products.
  • Water bottle.
  • Headphones (not required, but if your child wants to bring headphones, they will come in handy).
  • Laptop (not required, but those in grade 5 and up can bring their own laptop, if they want to).
What are your expectations for campers?
  • Treat others & their work with respect;
  • Use technology appropriately;
  • Follow directions & actively participate;
  • Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn new stuff!

Grades 2 - 4

Graphic Design

July 3 - 7
What goes into designing, planning, prototyping and creating a website? In this camp, you will explore the tools of graphic design and create your own web page!

Maker Party - FULL!

July 10 - 14
The Maker Party is all about making “stuff.” Get hands-on with tech as you make the connection between the virtual and physical worlds. We’ll create and design characters and sets and turn them into avatars and backgrounds. You will explore 3D printing, image editing, circuit making, stop motion animation and more!

Scratch - FULL!

July 17 - 21
Scratch is an awesome coding platform from MIT that makes it super easy to get started with creating games and animations, while still offering plenty of fun challenges.

Grades 5 - 8

The Art of Code: Tech-Girls Experience

June 26 - 30
This experience provides an opportunity for middle school girls to get hands-on with coding through art. Campers will bring their art to life as they express their creativity through code. Paint a masterpiece, create a symphony of sound, animate an avatar and so much more!

Web & App Making

July 3 - 7
Get introduced to the principles of web design, page layout, and user experience. Have hands-on experience with the underlying code it takes to create a web page (HTML, CSS & Javascript). We will also explore web app making. You can use your new skills to create e-cards, digital portfolios, games, animations, and much more!

Made with Code

July 10 - 14
Many of the things you love are made with code. Learn about a variety of coding platforms that enable you to code a song, make wearable tech, create an app, make an animatronic, and explore many other possibilities.

Game Design - FULL!

July 17 - 21
Games have been an integral part of human culture throughout history. They not only entertain, but also inform and change us. Today game designers bring together art and code to immerse their players in a story. Come join us to create your own game for change!

Grades 7 - 12

CS Academy

June 19 - 30 ($1,060)
This intensive, pre-college 2-week programming academy introduces students to the joy and beauty of computer science along with the wide variety of opportunities it can unlock for their future. This academy is a great fit for students who are looking to take their skills to the next level, who would like to prepare for taking a formal AP course next year, or who are planning to study independently to take the exam.

Computer Graphics & Audio

July 3 - 7
How do machines make art? How do design scientists use algebraic concepts to generate the beautiful snowflakes in Frozen? How can computers simulate entire worlds to render immersive, lifelike visuals? This camp serves as a practical introduction to the abstract field of computer graphics.

Mixed Reality: Digital Meets Physical

July 10 - 14
Learn how computers work from the ground up and build your own with circuits and wires. Pulling back the curtain on how technology works, we will first explore low-level circuitry and then explore applications including the Internet of things like smart lighting, home automation, health monitors, etc. Students will be provided with a lab kit they can take to continue the making at home.

Programming in C++/Python

July 17 - 21
Have you ever wondered how a computer works? What exactly is a programming language? Through learning the basics of C++ and Python, we explore what’s possible with the fundamental ideas of computer science. Rather than focusing on particular bits of syntax and programming, we target conceptual understanding while exploring exciting areas such as artificial intelligence and game design.

Grades 9 - 12 Girls

Bio-Med Tech-Girls: UVA Exploratory Experience

Aug. 7 - Girls only, separate application process & fees

This experience provides an opportunity for high school students to get a hands-on, behind-the-scenes peek at biomedical research happening right now at UVA. Special emphasis is placed on sharing projects and meeting researchers, faculty & students that help incorporate technology & engineering into the field. More info at

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