STAB Lab is an innovative, project-based program that is in-development. In its first iterations in the 2015 - 2016 academic year, the program challenged St. Anne’s-Belfield Upper School students to wrestle with authentic problems in an interdisciplinary context. STAB Lab’s student-driven projects provided opportunities to apply skills and knowledge and develop deep understanding of a topic. In the process of its projects, students participated in classroom experiences that included short lectures, independent work, collaborative work, hands-on design and construction, and seminars. Students connected with outside experts to better understand a topic and to explore its relevance beyond the School community. Through these diverse pedagogies, STAB Lab prepared students to be thoughtful contributors to a wide variety of academic environments.

STAB Lab programs were offered in the ninth and tenth grades at the Upper School. Both STAB Lab programs replaced a student’s course-load in humanities and science and addressed the core content and skills of the St. Anne’s-Belfield curriculum. Students spent every other day in STAB Lab exploring a topic from multiple perspectives while cultivating skills as readers, writers, and problem-solvers. Interdisciplinary projects challenged students to encounter real-world topics and engage in hand’s-on learning by building, making, and doing.

The primary aim of STAB Lab is to make learning meaningful through direct application. In the interdisciplinary, action-oriented space of STAB Lab, students learn to make connections--between different ways of understanding a topic and between their experiences and the experiences of others in the broader community.

For 2016 - 2017, STAB Lab is in hiatus as the School reflects on the first year’s accomplishments and challenges. Return to this webpage in later fall 2016 for updates on how STAB Lab will feature in the School’s vibrant offerings of 21st century teaching and learning.

If you have any questions about the STAB Lab program, please do not hesitate to contact Associate Head of School for Academics Beth Miller at or (434) 296-5106.

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For more information on STAB Lab, view our program update in the Winter 2015 -2016 issue of Perspectives magazine.

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