Saints Participating in Empathy, Action, and Kindness (SPEAK UP) is St. Anne's-Belfield School's dedicated program to emphasize and cultivate social-emotional learning among students of every age.

In order to prepare the next generation of exemplary citizens and visionary leaders, students must be offered opportunities to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually, while developing leadership skills, empathy, impact, and kindness, as well as habits that promote personal and communal wellness.

The School values student, parent, and faculty wellness and aims to integrate it daily through schedules, programs, parent and students events, and more.


Student Programs

These programs demonstrate how the School reinforces its emphasis on instilling empathy, action, and kindness in its students.


Parent Programs

The School is also dedicated to offering parents opportunities to learn and grow. Past opportunities have included:

Faculty Development

In addition to being certified Responsive Classroom teachers, many faculty members present and publish about topics relating to social-emotional learning, wellness, and more. Below are just a few examples:
  • Robin Albertson-Wren: Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control, Althea Press; Mindfulness in Schools – Educating and Empowering Our Children, VAAEYC; An Introduction to Mindfulness for Educators, Virginia Commonwealth University; Cultivating Joy Through Mindful Awareness, VAIS Leading Learning; An Introduction to Mindfulness for Parents and Educators, Decoding Dyslexia Conference, James Madison University; Mindfulness in Schools-Educating and Empowering Our Girls, NAIS NCGS
  • Michele Mathieson: Charlottesville 2017: Using Visible Thinking to Support Courageous Conversations
  • Marie Reed: Finding Our Way: How Do We Create and Sustain Programs That Transform Teaching, Learning, and School Culture?
  • Sophie Speidel: That's Not Love, VAIS Health and Wellness Summit; 15 Years of St. Anne’s-Belfield HealthFest: Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned, VAIS Health and Wellness Summit

You can also view the Presentations & Publications page to learn more about what faculty members are doing in their fields.