The St. Anne's-Belfield School Quests program is a component of the Learning Village curriculum in which course options are shaped around questions, with classroom teachers facilitating group explorations rather than leading a set syllabus.

Quests are student-driven in both choice and content. Students can choose a Quest that is project-based, problem-based, product-driven, skill-specific, service-oriented, or one that evolves with them. With new course options each trimester, students have the opportunity to explore multiple topics outside of the traditional curriculum, or follow one project through three courses with each building upon the last.

In the all-School curriculum, Quests provide a bridge in Grades 7 & 8 between the student-led FAB Lab mornings in the Learning Village Grades K – 6, and the Upper School Intensives courses. All of these programs focus on topics outside of the typical curriculum.

Check out what some Quests have worked on and see past offerings below.



Fall 2019

How can we embrace conflict in order to build community?, Mr. Lippmann, Ms. Hollis
What can YouTube teach us to DO?, Mr. Palombi & Mrs. Robbins
Two households...both alike in dignity?, Ms. Larkin & Ms. Hennessy
Why is play important?, Ms. Redfearn Cave
Whose CS departent is it?, Ms. Wilkens & Ms. FitzHenry
What's for lunch?, Chef Holt & Mrs. Grosch
Can household objects become high fashion?, Ms. Holden & Ms. Cox
Can we micro:bit?, Mr. Gulotta
How can we build a drone program for Grades K - 4? Mrs. Mathieson
Do Fitbits lie? Ms. Leitch & Ms. Henyon
How can fresh air change our perspective? Ms. Reed & Mr. Russell

Spring 2019

Can we reimagine Middle School?, Ms. Miller & Ms. Reed
Can we design and deliver?, Ms. Robbins
Who wants to rock?, Mr. Mangano, Mr. Gagnon, & Ms. Hennessy
How can we preserve our memories of Middle School?, Ms. Grosch
What knits our community together?, Isabel H., Zara C., & Ms Beckwith
What should you do if you meet a bear in the woods?, Mr. Gulotta
Building Bridges Through Bracelets, Alexa V., Eloise G., Sam J., & Ms Holden
What are you willing to sacrifice in order to win? What can we learn from playing games?, Mr. Lippmann & Mrs. Mathieson
Who wants to paint with Bob Ross? What tricks can we learn?, Mr. Russell
What are the OTHER Life Skills?, Señora Roth & Ms. Montague
Why not write a movie?, Mr. Palombi
How can we create special effect photos?, Mr. Stoner & Ms. Leitch
What is the funny? Long Form Improv, Bella Grace C. & Ms. Larkin
How can we level the playing field for children in Charlottesville?, Jack D., Ms Cox, & Mrs. Fitz

Fall 2018

How does art affect/reflect the community? - Mr. Lippman & Ms. Harper
How It Works - Mr. Buford & Ms. Reed
How can we make a silent movie soundtrack? - Ms. Larkin & Ms. Hennessy
Can I publish my writing? - Ms. Stefanik
How long can humans survive in space? First Lego League - Ms. Wilkens
How do I lead a Quest, and what's my IQ? - Ms. Mathieson
What do you want to be? - Mr. Palombi
How do you make paper into sculpture? - Ms. Robbins & Ms. Cox
What knits us together? - Mr. Gulotta & Ms. Beckwith
How do we add community service to our schedule? - Ms. Grosch
Do Fitbits lie? - Ms. Leitch & Mr. Stoner
How do we set the stage on the Upper School Runway? - Ms. Koscielny & Mr. Russell
How do you know that? - Mr. Weis & Ms. FitzHenry
What's for lunch? - Chef Holt & Ms. Miller

Spring 2018

What's going on? - Mr. Lippmann
What is fitness? - Mr. Powlovich
What is funny? - Ms. Larkin, Brehanu B., Julia K., & Jack C.
Is Asian brush painting a...? - Ms. Rodgers
How cool are Pre-Schoolers? - Ms. Wilkens, Channing S., Tilly M., & Morgan B.
Something about China - but what? - Senora Roth & Victoria T.
What do you want to be? - Mr. Palombi
What can my photography say about the world? - Ms Cox, Mr. Lewis, & Mr. Russell
How do we argue? - Ms. Beckwith & Mr. Weis
Why graffiti? Mr. Stoner
What can we see from 5,000ft up? - Tyler B. & Ms. Phillips
Are you prepared to be a champion? - Mr. Gullotta & Ms. FitzHenry
What can we do with the computer lab? - Ms. Mathieson & Ms. Reed

Winter 2017

Can the Committee of 10 change our School? - Mr. Lippmann
What knits us together? - Ms. Beckwith
What’s for lunch in...? - Mr. Holt & Ms. Phillips
Who run the world? - Ms. Montague & Ms. FitzHenry
Can we put the FUN in FUNdamentals of…? - Ms. Rodgers
What is your groove beat? - Mr. Weis & Mr. Lewis
Filmmaking - What does it take? - Ms. Brosch & Ms Wilkens
How do we create a one-eyed cannabilstic monster? - Ms. Larkin & Ms. Cox
What is fitness? - Mr. Powlovich
Why don’t you just relax? - Mr. Palombi & Mr. Russell
What’s going on? - Ms. Mathieson & Mr. Gulotta
Where do we go from here? - Kat K. & Señora Roth
Can we build community through writing? - Ms. Reed

Winter 2018

Are you your thoughts & emotions? - Mr. Weid
How It Works - Mr. Lippman & Mr. Gagnon with Max Buford & Carter Lang
How can we create a 3-D landscape? - Ms. Larkin & Ms. Cox
What is our School's story? - Ms. Harper
What's your game? - Ms. Wilkens with Jack Venerus
How can we appreciate music? - Ms. Reed & Ms. Mathieson with Biruk Beardsley & Grant Abbott
How can you convince me? - Mr. Palombi with James Eustis
How can we help? - Mr. Gulotta with Cam Mann & Joey Quagliaroli
What knits us together? - Ms. Robbins & Ms. Beckwith
Can you design a language program for Pre-School? - Señora Roth
What is aviation? - Ms. FitzHenry with Brock George
Who will create the Grade 7 play poster? - Ms. Koscielny & Mr. Russell
Upcycle or recycle? - Ms. Hennessy with Whitley Yancey
What's for lunch in Greece? - Chef Holt & Ms. Grosch

Fall 2017

Can you run a nonprofit? - Mr. Lippman & Lucia H.
What’s going on? Ms. Montague & Ms. Grosch
What is fitness? - Mr. Powlovich & Ms. Phillips
Charlottesville 2017: How did we get here? - Ms. Reed & Ms. Mathieson
Is drawing a skill or talent? - Ms. Rodgers
Where did you get that cool...? 3D Wearables - Ms. Wilkens & Ms. FitzHenry
Why don’t you just relax? - Mr. Palombi
How do you tell a story with clay? - Ms. Beckwith & Ms. Cox
How do we stage power? - Ms. Larkin
Is there a moment in time I wish to preserve? - Mr. Lewis
What’s for lunch? - Mr. Holt & Ms. Stevens
So you want to be a Myth Buster? - Mr. Weis & Mr. Stoner
What should we do during Field Day? - Mrs. Canova & Mr. Gulotta
Why IT? IT Infrastructure - Mr. Gagnon

A student tries to put an appliance back together during Quests.