Asia-Pacific Innovation Center

  APIC helped to plan an event for students
  participating in the summer 2018 China trip,
  alumni, and current and prospective families.

In 2018, Shengta Education Technology Co. Ltd. based in Shanghai, China and founded by School alumni Changdong He '12 and Suikai Lin '13 established an Asia-based center exclusively for the benefit of St. Anne's-Belfield School alumni, families, and community.

The Center, known as Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC), is independent of, but works closely in partnership with, the School to deliver a mission to support outreach and programming initiatives in Asia intended to better serve the School’s international community, to improve the accessibility of education, and improve information flow between students, parents, and the educational system.

The Center's four main objectives include:

  1. Expand and deepen the academic impact for current students.
  2. Provide platforms and channels for alternative learning experiences.
  3. Strengthen the School’s international alumni and parents network.
  4. Enhance the School’s footprint as a global institution that prepares global citizens to succeed in our interdependent world and expand student and community perspectives, visions, and reaches across the globe. 

The Center will meet these objectives by coordinating orientations and gatherings for families, facilitating student and teacher exchange, identifying and liaising with prospective students and families, coordinating alumni and parent engagement events, educational experiences, and trainings complementary to the American educational approach, and/or conducting fundraising and other appropriate revenue generating programs.

For students, parents, faculty members, and alumni, the flagship center in Shanghai, China creates a space for the forthright exchange of ideas and knowledge, enhancing the School’s philosophy of the lifelong habit of learning. Through this office in Shanghai, the Center can become a convening place for the School community to foster study abroad programs, curriculum design, entrepreneur projects, independent studies, educator professional development, and much more.

To learn more, please contact APIC at, or Warren Buford, associate head of School for advancement, at