Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) can be a key part of your long-range plans to build a legacy for your family and the School. A CRT:

  • Receives your cash, securities, or other property, and sells and reinvests them (free of any capital gains tax) in professionally chosen securities.
  • Makes regular payments to yourself or to your loved ones for a length of time set by you, and then terminates by giving all remaining trust assets to charities, including the School, chosen by you.
  • Will have a major impact on the School’s future by providing substantial funds vital to meeting the needs of the School community.

Charitable Remainder Trusts pay income, either fixed or variable, to you or your loved ones.

  • Fixed: Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts pay a set dollar annuity each year, equal to a percentage (chosen by you, but at least 5%) of initial assets placed in trust.
  • Variable: Charitable Remainder Unitrusts pay at least 5% of the annual value of trust assets. This income changes with the value of the assets, but is designed to increase over time (assuming a gradual rise in asset values), providing a hedge against inflation.
  • Any person or persons may be designated to receive trust payments.

A CRT is a great way to give, and a flexible planning tool.

  • It allows you to provide income to almost anyone, or several people at once: spouse; children, grandchildren, or others.
  • It can last for a lifetime of one or more persons, or for a set number of years, or both.
  • You can contribute additional assets to the Unitrust even after it has been established.
  • You can even change the charitable beneficiary, or add additional ones.

With your CRT, you and the School share many benefits.

  • Avoiding capital gains tax on securities put into trust, allowing you to unlock capital appreciation in land or securities.
  • Enhancing disposable income, by converting low-yielding to higher-yielding assets.
  • Reducing possible estate taxes.
  • Diversifying large asset holdings.
  • Giving you the opportunity to create a legacy by building the School’s endowment, making a major impact on the school’s future.

Any information concerning giving options or their tax benefits, on this website or otherwise, provided by St. Anne's-Belfield School is of a general educational nature only and does not constitute, or substitute for, legal advice. Please seek competent legal advice regarding how any gift to the School might affect your personal situation.