Ready, Set, Write: Incorporating Journaling Into Your Day

Long summer days are a great time to explore a new hobby, and journaling is a habit that can have wide-reaching positive effects. Practicing mindfulness, increasing memory and self-discipline, and capturing the sparkling moments of your life are just a few of the positive results of keeping a journal. Ms. Dorene Fisher, Upper School humanities and theatre arts teacher, and Ms. Anne Wicks, associate director of college counseling, led Wordplay! A Creative Writing Workshop during the 2018 Intensives period. Here they share a few great suggestions for getting started with your own journal.

Express Gratitude
Jot down two or three things that you appreciated, enjoyed, or touched your heart in the past 24 hours. Be specific and include details.

Start with the Visual
Use an unlined sketchbook to illustrate your day with accompanying text. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist, doodling is just fine – as is using stickers or cut outs from magazines.

Map It Out
Imagine a bird's-eye-view of a place you visited, your yard, or even your bedroom and draw it as a map. Include explanations or narrative about each room or point.

Write Your Own Timeline
Plot the significant moments of your day, week, summer, or even life. Each moment could turn into its own story at a later time, and you might begin to notice interesting patterns worth exploring.

Family Journal
Looking for a project that family members of all ages can enjoy? Keeping a family journal that allows each individual the freedom to record as they wish – in illustrations, words, photographs, etc. – will not only give you a new tradition but the resulting journal will no doubt turn into a family heirloom.

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