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Our Admission team is always ready to chat with new families, and provides personalized tours to work with each family’s individual schedule. They can be contacted at, (434) 296-5106, or via

Bo Perriello
Director of Admissions for Grades 9 - 12, Boys' Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach
University of Notre Dame, B.A. political science and environmental studies
Columbia University, Teacher’s College, M.A. educational leadership

Bo, a 1989 graduate of the School, returned to St. Anne’s-Belfield in 2004 and since then has been involved in many areas of School life. From science and Intensive teacher to director of alumni affairs, Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse coach to director of admission, Bo has been involved with almost every segment of the School community. His favorite School tradition is the Senior Figure at Prom, which he believes is the longest standing tradition at the School, and a great way to involve parents in the special event. Bo credits Dr. Randy Cornell as his favorite teacher, and says the School “taught me how to write and gave me a love of history.” Currently, Bo has four kids and three nieces enrolled at St. Anne’s-Belfield.


McKenzie Harper
Director of Admissions for Grades 1 - 8, Student Council
University of Virginia, B.A. religious studies
Mary Baldwin, M.A.T.

After more than a decade as a first grade teacher at Free Union Country School, McKenzie joined the School in 2017 and has as a fourth grade teacher placed a sign reading “Be Who You Are” above her classroom door because she believes the most important thing that she can try to convey to students is that they are wonderful just as they are, that they all have important contributions to make in the world, and that they are capable of learning and accomplishing anything with bravery, determination, and effort. McKenzie is a member of the Charlottesville Track Club, a volunteer for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an avid reader, and a gardening and hiking enthusiast. She loves Charlottesville’s surroundings, and that she can go for a hike, run on trails, or get in a kayak with almost no driving time.


Stacey Gearhart
Director of Admissions for Pre-School & Kindergarten, Assistant Head of the Learning Village for Student Life, Dorm Parent
Washington and Lee University, B.S. geology
University of Virginia, M.Ed. educational psychology

Stacey believes in walking with our children through every step of their lives, not only at St. Anne's-Belfield School but beyond. She sees herself as responsible for being the first to celebrate a student's success or joy as well as being the person who walks with him or her when a mistake is made or a setback is experienced. Stacey loves Move-In Day on dorm when students are excited to make new friends and see old ones, and has a chance to meet the parents who are entrusting their children to the dorm parents. If she had to sum up the School in one word, Stacey would say “inspiring” because she is inspired by the genuine care and concern our students and teachers have for each other.


Kaye Henyon
Admissions Coordinator
James Madison University, B.S. speech communications and minor in design

Kaye is a graduate of the Class of 1993 and she participated as a three-sport athlete playing field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. She returned to the School in 2005 to become the coordinator of athletic operations. She loves the fall, not only because of football games but because it is a time when the leaves are changing colors and students are excited to be back with friends. Kaye remembers Dr. Erb as one of her favorite teachers, and feels she learned more in one day in his class than in whole semesters in others. “He was extremely entertaining all the while inspiring us to be thought provoking, problem solving, self motivated investigators of literature,” she says. “He truly captivated me by providing a safe environment to feel excited about learning. I learned how to write in his class, a skill which helped me tremendously in college and after. I found him to be quite intriguing  and still remain in touch with him today.” Kaye shares a deep love of St. Anne’s-Belfield school from her many different viewpoints as an alum, employee, and parent.

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