7 Tips for Successful Online Distance Learning

As the School prepares to launch its distance learning program for students, check out some tips from division heads Shannon Montague and Peter Quagliaroli.

  1. Establish & Follow a Daily Routine: Routines can be powerful tools for students. Establishing a consistent routine including bed and wake up times, breaks for snacks, meals, rest, and play, and physical activity can make a big difference.
  2. Set Up a Learning Work Space: Find or create a quiet, organized space in your home to be used as a school work space. Make it comfortable (but not too comfortable) and use a table and upright chair that will allow you to focus on the learning at hand.
  3. Check School Email & Veracross Daily: For our students on email and Veracross, be sure to check in daily on both for updates, assignments, and connections to your teachers and peers.
  4. Maintain a Focused Learning Environment: For students with cell phones, leave them somewhere out of reach and turn off the notifications - unless your phone is your only means of joining synchronous (live) classes. Similarly, try to minimize background noise and remain intellectually and emotionally “present” at all times.
  5. Do the Right Things: Every student has a responsibility to ensure the success of this experience. Be sure to attend each class, follow the Honor Code, complete your work on time, and reach out when you need guidance, assistance, or support.
  6. Utilize Office Hours: Teachers will establish and publish Office Hours to assist students in their learning. Please respect and utilize these established times.
  7. Connect With Peers & Remain Positive: Check in with each other and make time to stay connected and socialize via virtual platforms. Much of this new type of learning will test us in all the best ways. Be gracious, patient, and forgiving of yourselves and of each other, and continue to do the little things that make our community strong.
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