51 Things to Do When You're Bored 5

Mrs. Fisher has put together a phenomenal list of 51 Things to Do When You're Bored. Check back each day this week to find them all! Please note, this list includes suggestions for a variety of ages. We recommend parents review suggestions to determine which are most appropriate for their children.

41. Sit next to your window and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while looking outside. Pets in your lap or at your feet are strongly encouraged. Don’t let anyone interrupt your meditative/inspiring state for at least 20 minutes.

42. Organize your drawers. You won’t believe how satisfying this is.

43. Work a 200+ piece puzzle by yourself or with your family.

44. Learn to cook. Start with something simple, say scrambled eggs, and each day thereafter cook something slightly more difficult.

45. Clean out your car and vacuum it.

46. Mow the grass on the next warm, dry day.

47. If you have Legos, pull them out, dust them off, and build a masterpiece.

48. Learn origami. Here are some links to lessons: CraneDinosaurButterflyJumping FrogBirdSwan.

49.  Start a journal. You’re living history right now. Chronicle every day with your feelings, your frustrations, COVID-19 statistics, online learning, finding the humor in our situation, etc.

50. Sprout some seeds from a green or red pepper or even hot pepper.

51. Make your own coffee table photo book; think of the possibilities: a memoir of a beloved pet, a special family vacation, a book about extended family, or even a family recipe book with pictures of the family member who contributes the recipe. (Shutterfly.com is always offering deals of 50% off!)

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