51 Things to Do When You're Bored 4

Mrs. Fisher has put together a phenomenal list of 51 Things to Do When You're Bored. Check back each day this week to find them all! Please note, this list includes suggestions for a variety of ages. We recommend parents review suggestions to determine which are most appropriate for their children.

31. Rake up leaves or plant something in your family’s garden.

32. Create a card for someone you love. Sounds emotional, but why not? We could all use a little love right now. Here are some examples of homemade cards.

33. Play the piano or other instruments for a minimum of an hour.

34. Chat with friends via the internet. Chatting online is a cheap way of talking your heart out to a friend.

35. Play board games. Or card games. Or word games. With your little brother or sister or your whole family.

36. Start a blog. This way you can connect with new people every day.

37. Make a list of things you need to buy at the grocery store. A list saves time, money, and energy while shopping. Wear a mask and gloves, and be sure to sanitize your hands and avoid touching your face.

38. Take pictures. Make up your own little sets and tableaus and work the lights in the house.

39. Create your own scrapbook. Yes, it can be fun and you can flaunt it later. Here’s a gallery of inspiration. There are also a host of crafting ideas and videos at www.scrapbook.com 

40. Dance in your room. Play your favorite dance CD and practice all those moves you wanted to show-off, but couldn’t get them right. Now is the time to practice.

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