51 Things to Do When You're Bored 3

Mrs. Fisher has put together a phenomenal list of 51 Things to Do When You're Bored. Check back each day this week to find them all! Please note, this list includes suggestions for a variety of ages. We recommend parents review suggestions to determine which are most appropriate for their children.

21. Make a collage out of old magazines or newspaper pictures. Remember, it should have a theme to it, or else it would look meaningless ("Things I love," "Places I want to go," "Food I love," etc.). Anyone can be successful with this art form. Here are some examples

22. Make a list of things you want to do before you die. This may also include things that you want to do within a month or six months or 10 years from now.

23. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it “The soundtrack of my life” or “The soundtrack of my life during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Include your all-time favorite songs.

24. Do your laundry ... and ... wait for it ... wait for it ... FOLD it and put it away as tidily as you possibly can.

25. Do some baking. Bake a cake, some cookies, or anything else that you enjoy eating and would love to share with your family and friends.

26. Learn a new language. Learning a few words every day can help a lot. Look for the best online classes.

27. Paint a picture. Go crazy and paint your art out! No paint? Use markers, colored pencils, or your mother/sister’s eye shadow palette! 

28. Play a yard game: croquet, corn hole, bocce ball, badminton, volleyball, Capture the Flag; the possibilities are endless ... almost.

29. Re-organize your bookshelf. Make sure you clean the outside of each book. This way you will spend more time in this activity and you won’t have to clean it again for a few weeks (years?).

30. If you have a movie collection, watch an old favorite once again. Make popcorn to munch on while you do. Bliss!

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