51 Things to Do When You're Bored 2

Mrs. Fisher has put together a phenomenal list of 51 Things to Do When You're Bored. Check back each day this week to find them all! Please note, this list includes suggestions for a variety of ages. We recommend parents review suggestions to determine which are most appropriate for their children.

11. Call and speak to your long-distance friend or family.

12. Choose any random country. Go online and find out about the culture, climate, etc. Then “plan” a vacation tour of the country. What would you do, want to see, eat? Where would you stay in each city? The sky is the limit here...you don’t have to pay for a thing. It’s just a plan.

13. Clean your room. Remember that huge cleaning session you’ve been thinking about for months but never find the time to do? Now is the time!

14. Write/create your own song. Then, sing it out loud in your room. Record it if it’s good!

15. Cook for your family. Prepare your or their favorite meal - they’ll appreciate your gesture.

16. Have a picnic in your backyard with your family. Have a list of topics to discuss.

17. Re-arrange the furniture in your room/home. If not the heavy bed or the tables, try moving the chairs, small tables, etc., for a fresh look.

18. Browse old family scrapbooks, yearbooks, and photo books. Basically, indulge in nostalgia.

19. Make something healthy to drink like a smoothie or a fresh fruit juice.

20. Reorganize your social media profile and/or reorganize your files on the computer (takes a lot of time, but after a while, it gets fun).

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