3 Tips for Your Independent School Tour

Touring a school is the best way to get a sense of the people, programs, and places of that institution. You’ll be able to hear from teachers, parents, students, and staff about a variety of topics, and have the opportunity to ask questions about anything you see and hear. Taking notes during your tour is a wonderful way to keep track of each school, and our Director of Admission Grades 1 – 8 McKenzie Harper encourages you to record your thoughts on these three questions as well:

What do you see?

What does this make you think?

What do you wonder?

Taking notes on what you see – on the walls, in classrooms, on the grounds – will help you remember each school as you see it, but linking it to what you think will help you formulate questions as well. For example, you might see art on the walls that makes you think visual arts is a cornerstone of the curriculum and it might then make you wonder what specifically is taught in the grades your children will be in. Or, you might see a very long line for hot lunch and it might make you think that students are required to purchase a meal plan and it might then make you wonder about meal plans, menus, and nutritional information. 

Recording your thoughts and questions will help you start a discussion with your admission director following a tour, and in the future as you make decisions about your child’s education. Don’t be afraid to bring a notebook with you as you look at each school, it is a compliment for parents to be so engaged!   

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