10 College Recruiting Tips for Student-Athletes During Social Distancing

The Athletics Department recently put out these 10 social distancing tips for student-athletes seeking to play at the collegiate level.

  1. Take an active role in this process. Don’t assume college coaches will seek you out. With athletic contests currently in a hiatus due to COVID-19, it is important for you to be proactive. Reach out, ensure your videos are ready, and update your profiles accordingly.

  2. Make sure you continue to include key people in your recruiting process - parents/family, Zoom meetings with your coach, college counselor, club coach, and the NCAA Eligibility Center.

  3. Work with your head coach, college counselor, and your family to create or evaluate your list of 10 prospective institutions based on academic, athletic, and social fit. Talk through each and adjust the list as need be throughout your conversations.

  4. Create or adjust your athletic profile. Ensure your name, contact information, athletic/academic accomplishments, and a link to your highlights are included. Email this to coaches on your list and other schools that might be recommended by your family and coaches.

  5. Consistently communicate with college coaches of the schools you're interested in via email, phone, text, and/or video conference.

  6. Talk to the coach about their coaching philosophy, vision for you in their program, the school’s academic requirements, team academic aspirations, graduation rate, current roster for your position, and scholarship availability.

  7. Stay consistent with your academics during distance learning. Ensure you are staying physically active and pushing yourself in your individual workouts and training at home.

  8. During social distancing, use your social media platform to not only post your athletic highlights (put your highlight link in the bio), but also post practice drills, individual workouts, and positive encouragement. Use this platform to help coaches see how you are overcoming adversity. Take a moment to review your social media and remove anything that could be detrimental to your recruiting process. Remember coaches have chosen not to recruit students because of things posted on their social media. 

  9. During this process, many colleges will be recruiting virtually as well. Try to use your full name for social media handles (use the same handle across platforms as much as possible) so it makes it easier for college coaches to find you. 

  10. Take advantage of the opportunities to take virtual tours of campuses and facilities and virtual informational or Q&A sessions.

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