Theatre Arts

In K-3 Performing Arts, theatre is an integral component of the Orff-Schulwerk classes interwoven with music and dance. The fourth grade theatre curriculum builds on the K-3 process of dramatizing stories with a dedicated focus on theater skills:  speech production, theater movement, analysis, acting technique, improvisation, and theatre craft. The fourth grade students participate in a yearlong performance project in which the students develop fairy tales that are presented for the Pre-School students.

In the Middle School, fifth graders continue their theatre arts study with a required nine-week unit, with an emphasis upon storytelling as a form of theater arts. Sixth graders continue studying theatre arts, as well, in a required one-semester class, which includes an in-depth look into a selected Shakespearean play, one which students later see performed professionally at the Blackfriars Playhouse in the spring. Seventh and eighth grade students may choose to enroll in a year-long Stop-Action Animation course, taught collaboratively between the Visual and Theatre Arts departments. The theatre arts component introduces playwriting, set/scene composition, and character development. Middle School performance opportunities include auditioning for the combined Upper and Middle School musical and a spring Middle School play.

Upper School students may enroll in any of three Theatre Arts classes offered each year – Theatre Arts 1: The Fundamentals of Acting and Improvisational Performance; Theatre Arts 2: Theatre Methodology and Drama as Literature; and an Advanced Theatre Studies Senior Seminar class. Upper School students may audition for extracurricular productions, including a fall Upper School play, a winter musical that includes both Upper School and eighth grade students, and a spring student-directed play. Students may also participate in a technical capacity for each and/or all of these productions.

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