Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Kochard

Elizabeth Kochard's five years at St. Anne's-Belfield School have been packed with activities, from Varsity Tennis to the Wearable Art Runway Show, singing with the Treblemakers to taking pictures for the yearbook, participating in the winter musicals to volunteering with the Special Olympics. It's little surprise, then, that she can't pinpoint just one favorite memory of her time at the School.

"Some of my favorites are from the School-wide events such as sports, Convocation, Fall Family Picnic, Lessons and Carols, and Field Day," says Kochard. "These are such memorable events because they bring all grade levels together and show how wonderful and close our School community is."

Involvement in the community is so important to Kochard that her advice to new students focuses on it: try new things!

"Try as many new things as possible," she says. "Finding out what you are most interested in is important, everyone needs to find their passion. So many of my friends and teachers at St. Anne's-Belfield School have inspired me to join new activities, and I am thankful that my high school experience has been much more meaningful due to being involved!"

In addition to involvement in arts, athletics, and community service, Kochard feels she has benefitted from the challenging courses in the School's curriculum. Interdisciplinary courses in particular stand out to her as being very realistic in their integration of more than one discipline and focus on "real world" problem-solving skills.

"Although they can be challenging, the high level classes teach you the skills necessary for college courses," she says. "It is so rewarding when you work hard and do well, because you know you are being set up for success later."

Though Kochard's future plans are not yet settled, a degree in business remains a possibility and continued musical involvement a certainty.

"I am not positive about what I want to study," she says, "but I know that I want to join an a cappella group in college because I have so much fun and have learned so much from participating in a cappella here at St. Anne's-Belfield School!"