Quest Works With Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Quest Works With Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

Mama's Kitchen Quest visited the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (BRAFB) in October. The students, Ms. Lyle, and Ms. Wilkens learned about a variety of challenges that are facing the food bank and those who are food insecure in our community – one out of every 10 residents and one out of every six children. BRAFB distributes 4 million pounds of food annually across seven counties through 60 partners.

"We learned that the most needed items are not always food. Some of the most needed items are diapers, toiletries, spaghetti sauce and whole grain snacks," explained Gracie Noble.

The tour host, Karen Ratzlaff wrote later, "I so enjoyed the past hour spent with you and your amazing students! Seeing their inquisitive minds at work and their natural compassion makes me (us) feel charged up and committed to keep doing the work."

Another Quest period was spent getting donation bins ready to place around School campuses. Vaya Chhabra shared that the Mama's Kitchen Quest "is planning to set up bins around the Learning Village and Upper School, so students throughout the School can donate and help out."

Look for them around campus soon because as the students learned, every small thing helps!