Learning Village Hosts Annual Science Fair
Learning Village Hosts Annual Science Fair

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, a visitor to the Learning Village may have seen students with a remote-controlled car, a large homemade wind turbine, a tennis ball radar gun, or a mannequin head with dyed hair. There was even a dog, some tropical fish, and a maze-running hamster! These and many other projects were all part of the 2017 Sixth Grade Science Fair.

The fair included presentations of the results of each sixth grade student's independent experiment. Students were excited to have the opportunity to share what they learned during many weeks of investigation with a wide audience. Projects ranged from the best remedy for a spicy hot pepper to measuring the speed of light with a laser pointer.

Special thanks go out to all the parents, faculty, and Learning Village students whose involvement made this year's Science Fair a major success. The large showing of support meant a great deal to the students as well as their teachers.

Congratulations to each student on the wonderful work they did on their projects!