Jones' 13 Kickstarting the Polaroid Project
Jones' 13 Kickstarting the Polaroid Project

An open letter from Summer Jones '13

To the St. Anne's-Belfield School Community,

My love for Central America began with the service trips I took in high school with Bridges to Community, in memory of Doug Wardle. It was then that the seed of this project was first planted, and I'm hoping you will be able to help me continue its legacy.

I've met so many families in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico who have been torn apart; by war, by ethnic cleansing, by immigration, by trauma and violence. Many of these families now have cell phones with cameras, and there are more pictures available to them than there used to be, but I still see a huge demand for material photographs to remember multi-generational families.

I am traveling to Nicaragua in February with two polaroid cameras and 1,000 exposures of film. I'll spend the spring in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico, taking pictures for people who don't have any pictures of their families. I will be in rural communities, city schools, and immigration camps, working primarily with the matriarchs of families to determine which photos they want to best preserve memories of themselves. I won't just be taking pictures at random, I'll be communicating with the subjects of my photos to get the shots that are the most important to them.

I'm now raising $3,000 to cover the costs of the cameras and the film for this project. The Kickstarter is all or nothing, and the campaign ends on December 31. Please visit to find out how you can support the Polaroid Project, receive updates, and even sponsor a family I meet along the way.

I owe my values of family and community in large part to this School. I'm incredibly proud to have grown up in an institution that ignited my love of travel, and taught me how important it is to remember and honor those who came before me. I appreciate your support as I promote these values in others.

Thank you for reading,
Summer Jones '13