First Fund for Academic Innovation and Leadership Cohort Announced
First Fund for Academic Innovation and Leadership Cohort Announced

As part of the Raise We Our Voices campaign for access and excellence, parent donors have made a generous gift in support of teaching excellence and to develop leadership skills among St. Anne's Belfield School's faculty and staff members. The Fund for Academic Innovation and Leadership will provide annual grants to a small cohort of distinguished and enterprising teachers and administrators who wish to pursue advanced professional development to further leadership expertise. The inaugural 2017 – 2018 cohort includes:

Jeremy Eith, head athletic trainer
Sarah FitzHenry, Learning Village librarian
Zach Minister, computer science teacher
Lindsay Rubin, Kindergarten teacher
David Smith, Upper School humanities teacher

The fund will support each selected faculty or staff member to engage in specialized leadership development programs. Selected by Head of School David Lourie in consultation with the senior administrators, each member of the cohort will meet regularly with Lourie to report on their experiences and discuss their chosen programs.

"The vision of this gift is that each selected cohort member will identify an area of professional growth regarding leadership, find professional development opportunities to learn more about the identified skill, and engage in targeted practice of this skill in a formal way," said Lourie.

"We are incredibly grateful to the parents who are supporting these opportunities for our faculty and staff, and in turn strengthening two of the hallmarks of our School – our commitment to professional development and academic innovation. As this is a five-year gift, we looking forward to working with a new cohort each year and experiencing the impact during the life of our new strategic plan."

Recipients of the annual awards will meet periodically throughout the year to share research and ideas as they apply what they learn into practice. As the five-year cycle continues, the combined knowledge and growth of cohort members will strengthen the School's academic and overall program.