Winkey '19 Explores Medical Fields with Envision at Johns Hopkins University
Winkey '19 Explores Medical Fields with Envision at Johns Hopkins University

Jovia Winkey '19 recently spent 10 days at Johns Hopkins University with the Envision National Youth Leadership Forum: Advanced Medicine & Healthcare. Designed for high school students considering a career in medicine, the program attracts students from across the country and offers a variety of experiences including apprentice doctor workshops, interactive site visits to the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center, speaking events with leaders in the medical community, and true-to-life simulations that include scrubbing up and entering a realistic operating room through Virtual Reality technology.

"I really liked the program because each day I had a different experience," said Winkey, who visited the University of Maryland Medical Center's Shock Trauma Center, learned different methods of suturing, diagnosed patients via case studies, and conducted a physical exam on a sample patient, among other activities.

"I found a lot out about myself during the program. I found out that I love being in the hospital. I found out that I really enjoy helping people and doing whatever I can to make a difference in people's lives. After the program, I became one hundred percent sure that I am on the right track and that going into the medical field is something that I really want to do. This program helped me narrow my choices down to either a trauma surgeon, ER doctor, or OB-GYN."

In addition to skill building and simulations, Winkey was also surrounded by a new network of peers interested in similar education paths and medical careers. For her, the program provided not only a chance for personal growth but relationship building as well.

"Attending a program like this will help you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and will give you an opportunity to improve on the skills that you lack," she said.

"This program will also help you find out who you are and what you like to do... When I first arrived I was a little nervous but as time went on I met some of the nicest people from all over the United States, and made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime."