Sixth Grade Student Raising Funds for Special Needs Classroom in Botswana

Gabriel Pullen '23 is raising money to build a classroom for students with special needs in Botswana. The idea came to him after traveling to the country on a business trip with his mother, Paige, and visiting Bonnington Jr. Secondary School. There the Pullens learned that about 50 students were classified as disabled, and that the principal was hoping to build a new classroom to accommodate them.

Before they'd even left the school, Gabriel had a plan to help.

"This classroom idea was completely his idea," Paige told a local Newsplex reporter. "We were sitting in the principal's office at Bonnington. He leaned over to me and said 'Mom, would it be okay if I raised money to build this classroom?'"

Pullen set up a GoFundMe page to assist in fundraising, and to date more than $6,700 have been raised for Bonnington with an ultimate goal of $10,000. If more than that amount is raised, the extra funds will be used to purchase supplies, musical instruments, and perhaps even assist teacher in traveling to the United States for training in special education.

Pullen is hoping to reach his goal by June, when the family will return to Africa.

To donate to Pullen's GoFundMe page, please click here.