On the Horizon: Furin '18 Prepares for Collegiate Athletics
On the Horizon: Furin '18 Prepares for Collegiate Athletics

What does it take to prepare for athletic participation at the collegiate level? That's what 15 of the School's most recent graduates were thinking this summer before heading to colleges and universities across the country.

One new alumna, Jasmine Furin '18, has taken extensive measures to ensure she's ready to join the Washington & Lee University (W & L) women's soccer team this fall.

"I have been doing a lot of training this summer to prepare for the fall season. An important factor that plays into that is the packet my college coaches gave me. It includes specific workouts and a calendar for when they should be done," Furin noted before explaining the rigorous conditioning routine that includes long-distance running, springs, ballwork, and lifting. She and her new teammates were also split up into workout groups to hold each other accountable for their training.

Outside of the required conditioning, Furin also participated on the summer SOCA Pro23 team for current and future college players, and attended pickup games with her past classmates.

"It was the first year SOCA had a women's team in this league and we finished first in our group! This has been a great way for me to get used to the speed of play that I expect next year," Furin said.

"I have also been attending as many of the STAB Boys' Soccer team pickup sessions as I can. As I learned last year as the Boys' Varsity Soccer team manager, the style of play is very different, but definitely helpful in developing skills that I wouldn't otherwise get the chance to."

Aside from her athletic preparations, Furin is also looking forward to the journey that awaits her at the university.

"I am super excited about the community I will be joining next year. Everyone on the team is so supportive of one another and have been welcoming to me," she said.

"I can't wait to not only have many new teammates, but also new friends. We also have a really great coaching staff, and I look forward to working with them. I consider myself extremely lucky to get to be a part of the women's soccer program at W & L."

We wish the best of luck to Jasmine and all of our Saints playing in college next year!