Long '04 and Long '08 Face Off in NFL Playoff
Long '04  and Long '08 Face Off in NFL Playoff

Alumni brothers Chris Long '04 and Kyle Long '08 faced off in the first round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday, Jan. 6. The Philadelphia Eagles, for which Chris Long is a defensive end, traveled to play the Chicago Bears, for which Kyle Long is a guard, in the match up.

Historically in head-to-head match ups the brothers' record was 2-1 with Chris Long leading, though Sunday's game was the first time the two face each other in playoffs. It was also Kyle Long's first playoff appearance. With the Eagles' win, that moved the brothers' record to 3 - 1 with Chris Long continuing to lead.

"I texted them both after their games the week before to congratulate them, but also to tell each that I was sorry he'd have to go against his brother next week," said Head Football Coach and Director of Alumni Relations John Blake. "It was great that they were both in the playoffs, I just wish they had been playing on the same side."