Lindbergh '18 Joins Honduras Child Alliance as "Tech Guru"
Lindbergh '18 Joins Honduras Child Alliance as "Tech Guru"

Johnny Lindbergh '18 has joined the Honduras Child Alliance (HCA) in El Provenir as a resident "tech guru."

Lindbergh, who wrote his first computer virus in Grade 7 and his first artificial intelligence program in Grade 9, will be implementing a computer science program to begin with a teen class and expand to serve all of the children in the community.

"Many people see computer science as a discipline devoid of beauty and without room for personal expression between ones and zeroes," Lindbergh told HCA. "But to me, it's a way of thinking and it could be considered as expressive as an art form."

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of computer science, Lindbergh will help students learn the skills necessary to design websites and develop apps and artificial intelligence. Throughout, he hopes to show students the beauty of computer science, as he himself found it, and encourage different perspectives and worldviews as a result.

Photo courtesy of Honduras Child Alliance