Learning Village Community Challenged to Read 2019 Books in January
Learning Village Community Challenged to Read 2019 Books in January

The Legner Learning Village Library interns and Librarian Sarah FitzHenry have issued a challenge to the entire Learning Village community, parents included: read 2,019 books in January 2019.

"January is the perfect time to start thinking about goals and resolutions," noted FitzHenry. "Who do you want to be this year? What's in your way? What can help you to get there faster? In our library community, we are always working towards becoming stronger, more confident, more joyful readers. And the only way to get better at reading is, of course, to read!"

The library currently serves approximately 500 patrons, with 15,000 books in the collection. In the 2017 - 2018 school year, a total of 13,094 books were borrowed. This year, with the help of parent Library Volunteer Coordinator Janie Perrone, the library has been able to stay open from 3:15 - 4:00 p.m. on "B" rotation days for Family Library Time with volunteers available to help select and check out books.

At the close of the first week of the challenge, the Learning Village community had read 350 books with a very dedicated group of readers and families staying after school on Friday to complete their books. The challenge also inspired Librarian Amy Harris and Ranch View Middle School in Colorado's Douglas County School District to attempt the same challenge, and the Upper School under the supervision of Dr. Simeone has issued the same challenge to its community members.

Those interested in joining the challenge can review the full rules and guidelines at Mrs. FitzHenry's blog, Fitz Between the Shelves. In order for books to count towards the total, reader names and book titles can be added to the master list in one of three ways:
  • Tell Ms. FitzHenry in person.
  • Submit reader name and book title to the 2019 Challenge box on the library's circulation desk.
  • Email Ms. FitzHenry the reader's name and book title.

E-books, audiobooks, and graphic novels do count towards the total. Bilingual books, books in languages other than English, and books of more than 300 pages will all count as two books in the final tally.