Kalaw '99 Reading at New Dominion Bookshop
Kalaw '99 Reading at New Dominion Bookshop

New Dominion Bookshop will host the next installment of the Charlottesville Reading Series on Friday, Feb. 15 featuring Martine Kalaw '99.

Kalaw is an author, speaker, and spokeswoman on current immigration laws and reform. Her book, Illegal Among Us, recounts her journey through a seven-year deportation battle with no family or country, to success as a senior level executive with an advanced degree, a father she thought dead, and finally her long-sought U.S. citizenship. She has been a Huffington Post contributor and a TEDx speaker, and has interviewed with noteworthy reporters like Brian Karem, a CNN contributor to the White House.

New Dominion Bookshop is owned by fellow alumna Julia McCrea Kudravetz '98.