Grades 2 & 3 Explore Routes of Music: Waterways & Overland Trails
Grades 2 & 3 Explore Routes of Music: Waterways & Overland Trails

Second and third grade students recently performed Routes of Music: Waterways & Overland Trails under the direction of Mrs. Janet Kingsley and accompanied by Ms. Nicky Kwasnick.

The performance kicked off with "Canoe Song" celebrating the birch canoes of the Chippewa Tribes followed by Thomas S. Allen's "Erie Canal" composed to commemorate 100 years on the canal. Mrs. Walton's Class served as dancers for the "Boatman Medley," while Ms. Cafarella's class danced with "Down the Ohio River," a nineteenth century chantey.

Other songs that delighted the audience included:

  • "River Partner Song," arranged by Glenda E. Franklin
  • "Arise," a Zuni Medley
  • "Western Wagons," composed by Stephen Vincent Benet
  • "Rocky Mountain," a pioneer folk song
  • "Oh, Susanna," a Stephen Foster song
  • "I've Been Working on the Railroad," an American folksong
  • "Hi Yo Hoop Dance," a Navajo song
  • "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes," a nineteenth century piece by Vachel Lindsay
  • "Freedom Train," by Robert Dale

Square dancing, Native American chief speeches, wagon train travelers, and more complemented the musical pieces.

Special thanks to all parent volunteers who assisted with costumes, dressing, and taking on various other roles to ensure that the production was a success.

More photos from the event are now available on the School's SmugMug account.