Gonnella Brothers Play for Charlottesville Alliance FC
Gonnella Brothers Play for Charlottesville Alliance FC

Brothers and St. Anne's-Belfield School alumni Anthony '16 and Joe '14 Gonnella will be spending the summer together playing for Charlottesville Alliance FC, the adult amateur soccer team representing Charlottesville in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

The brothers, who play together at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), were contacted by Charlottesville coach David Deaton about the opportunity.

"Being from Charlottesville, we both thought it would be really cool to represent Charlottesville in a way and also stay home during the summer," said Anthony. "We brought the idea before our coach at VCU, and he was completely on board."

In addition to playing together at the university, Anthony and Joe have both chosen ambitious courses of study. Anthony, a rising junior, hopes to graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering and eventually obtain a masters in the field, or business, while Joe is currently applying to medical schools.

"Academically St. Anne's-Belfield fully prepared me for college even with a challenging major like mechanical engineering," noted Anthony. "Athletically, I only played for the School's indoor soccer team but I had a blast playing with my friends. The high school game is a completely different level than the college game, but in terms of enjoyment I had more fun playing for the School than almost anywhere else."

In addition to the Charlottesville Alliance FC games this summer, the brothers will be back in Charlottesville playing for VCU in an exhibition game against University of Virginia on August 14 and invite the School community to come out for the fun.