Fourth Grade Students Perform The Great Kapok Tree
Fourth Grade Students Perform The Great Kapok Tree

Fourth grade students recently performed The Great Kapok Tree, a tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry, under the direction of Victoria Redfearn Cave and accompanied by Shelby Sender.

"There are two critical components to every Orff-Schulwerk program: student inclusion and student improvisation and composition," wrote Redfearn Cave in the Director's Note to the production.

"Not only will you see the performing arts seamlessly integrated in the Orff approach, but all students are included in the process and performance. This is often a different feeling than some of us had growing up, where arts were only for a select talented group. It is unusual to see a 'canned' script of any kind in an Orff performance. The adult conductor functions as more of a guide in the experience, helping to frame student choice and providing an eye and ear for shaping a piece. There might be a starting point, in our case, the story of The Great Kapok Tree, but the ending is unknown until the students work with the material. They made decisions about the movement work, dramatic choices, chants and character work. They even chose their own parts for the show."

Throughout the performance Ms. Grant's class played "Lullaby," while Ms. Inigo's class moved as boa constrictors and bees. Mrs. Murray's class performed the interlude of "Hiccup Cannon" and Ms. Grant's class then moved as monkeys and birds. Ms. Johnston's class performed "Ding Dong" as the next interlude, followed by Mrs. Murray's class moving as tree frogs and jaguars. Ms. Inigo's class performed "Queen Caroline" as an interlude, and Ms. Johnston's class moved as porcupines and anteaters. A postlude of "Friendly Beasts" arranged by Audrey Snyder closed the performance.

Thank you to all faculty, staff, students, and parent volunteers who helped make this performance a success. Photos are now available on the School's SmugMug account.