Fourth Grade Creates Welcome Packets for International Neighbors
Fourth Grade Creates Welcome Packets for International Neighbors

Señora Roth's fourth grade Spanish classes recently created welcome packets for the International Neighbors, a community organization providing opportunities for refugees and other immigrants new to the area.

"The activity connected with our year-long discussion of why we learn another language and languages that are spoken in our community," explained Roth. "We also spent several classes talking about the refugee experience in Charlottesville, and the pamphlets were created after brainstorming things that kids would want to know when they first got to this area."

On a Feb. 9 visit to the School, International Neighbors representative Susan Parmar received the donated packets and answered student questions such as "how do you communicate with families who do not speak the same language(s) that you speak?" and "what are some challenges that neighbors face when they get here?"

The pamphlets will be placed in welcome baskets that International Neighbors distributes to families recently arrived in Charlottesville.