Eighth Grade Students Featured by Hummingbird Robotics

Inspired by this past summer's Bio-Med Tech-Girls: UVA Exploratory Experience, Ms. Wilkens and Mr. Weis started the 2016 – 2017 school year by challenging eighth grade science students to create a device for a student with cerebral palsy.

During the challenge, students learned about the design thinking process and used it to brainstorm ideas on addressing the needs of a student with cerebral palsy. They worked together to come up with ideas, create a prototype, and present the final project to the class.

Using Hummingbird Robotics kits, two student groups designed and created prototypes of foldable crutches and a motorized chair and desk.

In addition to utilize their skills and knowledge to address a real world need, students practiced collaboration, problem solving, empathy, and resilience throughout. Their projects were so successful that they were recently featured on the Hummingbird Robotics website.