Class Night Celebrates Upper School Community
Class Night Celebrates Upper School Community

Class Night marked the close of the school year on May 31, and included the recognition of Upper School students, faculty members, and a parent volunteer. The newest members of the Cum Laude Society were inducted, and Senior Class Co-President Mansi Tripathi gave the address before presenting the Senior Class Gift with Co-President Andrew Culver.

Those honored included:

Elizabeth Copeland Norfleet Award – Ms. Anne Wendling
Lossie N. Wilkinson Award – Mr. Zach Minster
Marianne H. Zirkle Parent Volunteer Award – Ms. Sue Frazier

Recognition of Freshmen
Hovey S. Dabney Scholarship – Ken Wang
Carolina Ramsey Randolph Award – Melvin Kanaiza Onguko

Recognition of Sophomores
Judge Harold H. Purcell Scholarship – Vijay Chhabra
Sally Miller Memorial Citizenship Award – Maddie Kwasnick

Recognition of Juniors
Frank Stinchfield Scholarship – Katie DeBara
Margaret Parks Burks Memorial History & Daughters of the American Revolution Award – Victor Ji
College Book Award – Shawn Liu
Cornell University Book Award – Chloe Lowell
Dartmouth Book Award – Jack Riley
Jefferson Book Award – Katie Define
Randolph College Book Award – Jovia Winkey
Smith College Book Award – Grace Ayyildiz
St. Lawrence University Book Award – Joe Heaphy
University of Chicago Book Award – Thomas Castleman
Washington & Lee Book Award – Wayt Timberlake
Wellesley College Book Award – Anna Zhong
Anne Taliaferro Pinkerton Memorial Award – Liza Khutsishvili
William & Mary Leadership Award – Piper Holden

Senior Academic Awards
Pendleton English Award – Syd Landes
Phyllis Culbertson Draper Visual Arts Award – Emily Cai
Theatre Arts Award –Luke Atherton
Robert M. Harman Music Award – Katie Goldstein
Leslie Miller World Languages Award - Mansi Tripathi
Senior History Award – Lulu Wood
Mathematics Award – Linsey Zhang
Science Award – Andy Wood
Senior Capstone Thesis Award – Max Krupnick

Athletic Awards
Mary King Blake Award – Molly Morris
Sydney B. Elliott Award – Emily Trebour
A. Kyle Brown Award – Russ Beisswanger
John G. McCrory Award – Nic Kent

Recognition of Seniors
Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Award – Gillian Borton
Douglas Robert Wardle Community Service Award – Lucia Hoerr
Donald Gordon Stevens Award – Jack Pausic
Susanne Williams Smith Memorial Scholarship – Sam McNamara
Residential Life Award – Johnson Zhou
Activities Award – Katie Waters
Miller Prize – Jerry Yao
Shipley Award – Kellie Booth
Class of 1974 Award - Andrew Culver
Bishop's Prize - Jacqueline Hartwig

Senior Accolades
Katherine West Sophomore Award – Sallie Vick
Margaret Douglas Jefferson Cup – Mr. Jimmy Zunka

A full description of each award may be found in the 2017 Class Night Program.

Photos from the evening are now available on the School SmugMug account.