99 Alumni Become Founding Members of the Malone Society

Ninety-nine alumni from 47 classes have become the founding members of the Malone Society. These members of classes spanning 1947 through 2016 are spread across 21 states and countries but all have two things in common: a love for St. Anne's-Belfield School and desire to take an active role in its future.

Named in memory of longtime teacher, administrator, and mentor, Pamela Malone, the Malone Society recognizes alumni who contribute $1,000 or more each year to any current-use fund. The collective support that is the Malone Society resulted in alumni leadership support of the Annual Fund more than doubling over last year. Gifts from alumni of $1,000 or more totaled $152,014 this fiscal year, compared to $77,042 last fiscal year. In total, 359 alumni donors contributed $189,927 to the Annual Fund, up from $124,215 last year. Additionally, alumni donated $611,384 to other initiatives through restricted gifts.

Members of the Malone Society will be listed in a special section of the School's Honor Roll of Donors each fall, and also invited to special alumni events during Alumni Weekend. Founding members will also be honored on a commemorative plaque on the Greenway Rise Campus.

For more information about the Malone Society, please visit our Giving Societies page.