Williams Discusses Power of Sports in Society

University of Virginia (U.Va.) Director of Athletics Carla Williams spoke with School community members on April 25 as part of the Booth Family Inspiration Speaks Series. Williams discussed her views on the importance of sports in society and participating in athletics before taking questions from the audience.

"Winning championships and getting a good education are not mutually exclusive," Williams said. "You can do both. You should do both."

Williams discussed the similarities in the St. Anne's-Belfield School vision statement and the U.Va. athletics department mission statement, including a commitment to educational excellence and the ethical development of young people. She went on to note that sports offer educational opportunities and daily opportunities for personal growth, as well as play a role in community engagement.

"Sports are an undeniable unifying force... We have to play sports, we have to have teams, that's what we're built for," she said. "An educated society is a better society."

Questions from the audience included topics ranging from leadership development in the U.Va. athletics program to whether collegiate coaches prefer high school student-athletes specialize in one sport or play many to her personal observations on how parents can help young athletes grow.