Visscher-Gingerich Honored with Golden Apple

Dr. Paloma Visscher-Gingerich, Upper School Spanish teacher, was honored with 43 other public and private school teachers in the Charlottesville and Albemarle Country area during the 19th Annual Golden Apple Awards.

Honorees were selected for the award, sponsored by Better Living Building Supply and Cabinetry, based upon demonstrated excellence in the classroom, innovative instructional strategies and techniques, and their involvement in the local community. Students, parents, members of the community, and other educators submitted nominations.

This year’s awards were held virtually, and included short videos of each award recipient.

“Particularly in this challenging time in our world, teachers nurture the inquisitive minds of our young people, keep them engaged in education and community, and prepare them for the challenges of the future,” noted Mr. Richard Nunley, Better Living’s chairperson.

The full list of this year’s honorees includes:

  • David Riddick, Miller School
  • Sarah Jackson, Meriwether Lewis Elementary School
  • Kathryn Salem, Jackson-Via Elementary School
  • Lindsey Jeong, Baker-Butler Elementary School
  • Lisa Johnson Black, Charlottesville Hospital Ed
  • Taylor Holder, Western Albemarle High School
  • Avis Fields, Tandem Friends
  • Lisa Wallace, Burnley-Moran Elementary School
  • Matthew Deegan, Charlottesville High School
  • Paloma Visscher-Gingerich, St. Anne’s Belfield
  • Dominique Morse, Community Public Charter School
  • Cindy Payne, Murray Elementary School
  • Brandy Walker, Buford Middle School
  • Bronwyn Murray, Woodbrook Elementary School
  • Rodricucuz Vaughn, Henley Middle School
  • Sarah LaPrade, Hollymead Elementary School
  • Heather Bryan, Charlottesville Catholic
  • Lynn Leathers, Stony Point Elementary School
  • Karen Belton Garland, Cale Elementary School
  • Beth Kavounas, Red Hill Elementary School
  • Tracy Brown, Crozet Elementary School
  • Bethany Weatherford Robinson, Brownsville Elementary School
  • Lindsay Wayland, Johnson Elementary School
  • Hashim O. Davis, Center for Learning & Growth
  • Matt Richardson, CATEC Kavita Kumar, Greenbrier Elementary School
  • Jim Loffredo, Scottsville Elementary School
  • Jaclyn Parker, Agnor-Hurt Elementary School
  • Holly Garmon, Covenant
  • Rebecca Kindler, Walton Middle School
  • Calder McLellan, Venable Elementary School
  • Mary Caitlyn Cordone, Clark Elementary School
  • Debra Zehnter, Broadus Wood Elementary School
  • Jennifer Therese MacDonald, Albemarle High School
  • Shannon McLaughlin, Greer Elementary School
  • Kelsey Cary, Lugo-McGinnis Academy
  • John Worozbyt, Burley Middle School
  • Jack Warren, Blue Ridge School
  • Corinne Lindemann, Monticello High School
  • Cianna Washburg, Walker Upper Elementary School
  • Joshua Flaherty, Murray High School
  • Ayla Duve, Jack Jouett Middle School
  • Meredith Holmes, Sutherland Middle School
  • Luke Noble, Stone-Robinson Elementary School


    St. Anne's-Belfield School