Student Council Brings Gaga Pit to Belfield Campus

When the Grades 5 – 8 Student Council met at the start of the school year, its focus on community building became something of a theme. There was an opportunity to add recreation equipment to the Belfield Campus, and the students surveyed their classmates to find out what might work best in the space. The majority voted for a Gaga Pit.

A Gaga Pit is an octagon that comes up to waist height, in which students use a playground ball to tag each other on the legs. Those who are tagged are “out” and must leave the Pit. Several of the Student Council members had played in such Pits during summer camps.

The Council sold doughnuts and hot chocolate to raise funds for the wood and mulch needed to create the Gaga Pit, and spent months planning. Mr. Joe Browning generously worked with the students in order to construct their plans.

“We definitely learned the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of sales,” noted Martha O. ’24 of the fundraising experience. “We had to figure out the most financial efficient way to do it. That meant thinking about how we wanted to actually purchase the Gaga Pit, if we wanted to buy it through a company or ask Mr. Browning to help us.”

The Pit has become a popular break activity, and is large enough to accommodate a number of students at any given time.

“I think everybody has given it a try at some point,” noted Axel I. ‘26. “It’s really up to them if they want to play or not.”

“I think that lots of people like it,” agreed Cosmo D.V. ’27. “Lots of people come together to use it.”

Though the Council still plans to paint the Pit, it has considered the entire experience a success.

“I think that if you put in enough time and effort into anything you can make changes in your community, however that might be,” said Max M. ‘24. “We decided that we wanted to build a Gaga Pit for kids to enjoy during break, and we spent four months building up the funds and got help building it. Now all of our hard work has paid off, we can go outside and play Gaga!”


    St. Anne's-Belfield School