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Second Grade Students Conduct Primary Research on City Monument

As part of the second grade's FAB Lab project on monuments, eight students in Ms. Scott's class recently visited the Albemarle County Historical Society (ACHS) Library and Lee Park to develop a deeper understanding of the current controversy surrounding the Robert E. Lee monument. To prepare for the trip, the group has researched monuments, prepared for a debate on keeping or removing the monument, and hosted a discussion with a representative from the city, Mr. Doug Ehman, on the monument's maintenance.

During their visit to the ACHS Library, students explored primary documents and learned more about the monument. The librarian, Ms. O'Bryant, explained that Paul Goodloe McIntire gave the statue to the City of Charlottesville and shared with students letters between the initial sculptor, Henry Shrady, and Mr. McIntire. Mr. Shrady died before the statue was dedicated and gifted to the city in 1921, therefore the statue was completed by Leo Lentelli.