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Second Grade FAB Lab Group Builds Pirate Ship for Kindergarten

On May 24, Grade 2 teacher Lori Nicholson and her FAB Lab group unveiled the pirate ship they built for the Kindergarten as a part of their "Kindergarten kindness" topic in which they learned more about students that age.

"We decided a good first step was to learn more about the Kindergarteners, so we went to experts Ms. Rubin and Ms. Babcock. They shared that Kindergarteners love to play and have wonderful creativity and imagination," said Nicholson. "This FAB Lab group was really excited that Kindergarteners like pirates and outer space, and made the decision to include both in a life size pirate ship!"

The process consisted of lots of research, planning, drawing, and construction. The group worked closely with Maintenance Technician Joe Browning, showing him rounds of sketches that helped bring their vision to life. After construction and painting, the six students added a big flag to the top of the ship, as well as stars and planets to the ceiling of the interior.

"We focused on the process of how to take ideas and turn them into our hopes and dreams for the Kindergarten," Nicholson noted. "All the students were amazed that an idea could turn into something so special! They are very pleased with the life sized pirate ship being an addition to the playground."

The unveiling was met with excited laughter as the first set of sailors boarded the vessel to set sail. The ship will live as a long-term installation on the playground outside of the Learning Village, offering students across Grades K - 4 the opportunity to use their imaginations and create exciting adventures.

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