School Seeks a Director to Map the Future of STEM Innovation and Design

School Seeks a Director to Map the Future of STEM Innovation and Design

In March, STEM and other interested faculty members from St. Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, Va. came together in an exciting and lightning-quick design charette. Their task was to imagine the future of STEM professionals as problem-solvers for complicated, nuanced local and global issues — and then rewind all the way back to determine what those STEM leaders would need from their education, starting in pre-school and building through high school.

Science. Mathematics. Data Literacy. Computational Thinking. Systems-thinking. Computer science. Engineering. Design. Recognizing the need to expand the traditional definition of STEM, the design group identified the need to integrate STEM across academic disciplines as well as create advanced pathways and transformational educational experiences to inspire and support passionate students. Through a focus on both the moral and technical components in STEM fields, the ultimate goal is to prepare students for leadership in both rigorous liberal arts college programs and the technologically-connected world beyond school. 

The conversation has begun, the momentum is building, and the potential is expansive. Now, the School is seeking a leader. St. Anne's-Belfield began a search for an inaugural director of STEM innovation and design. A hybrid administrative and teaching position, the director will be charged with creating a nationally-recognized PS-12 STEM program that embodies the school's tradition of teaching and learning excellence. 

Interested individuals may find details and apply here.


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