Our 2020 Top 9


Happy New Year! Here's a roundup of our top posts and stories from the start of the School year in August.


1. By far, re-opening School in August was your favorite news. We held our breaths, held each other’s hands (figuratively), everyone wondering if it could be done. And we DID it! We made it four months offering on campus, online and hybrid learning.


2. Day of Impact on Oct. 29 was another chance for Saints to demonstrate the strength of our community and the kindness in our hearts. More than 780 donors gave $1.3 million in one day.


3. This photo was snapped by Karine Boulle, K-8 world language department chair and 5-8 French teacher. “I wanted to send a reminder that we work in the most beautiful school in town.”


4. Our Res Life students found ways to still have fun this pandemic, and you loved pics of them exploring our great area. To get to St. Anne’s-Belfield this year, many international students had to fly to another country, quarantine for two weeks, and then complete a second two-week quarantine in America. We are humbled by the great lengths they went through to have the full Saints experience.


5. Dining Services upended their entire operation to be able to deliver lunch this year, and are working diligently to make more, larger improvements. You loved this photo of Indea packing lunches and giving kudos to her fellow team members, whom she calls “rock stars.”


6. Our Booth Family Inspiration Speaks Series speaker this year was NYT bestselling author Ibram X. Kendi. A whopping 723 households registered. Look for an upcoming podcast of students, Cheryl and Ellie, reflecting on their experiences preparing for and leading the Q&A interview with Professor Kendi.

By popular demand, we've increased capacity in the Booth Family Inspiration Speaks event with Ibram X. Kendi, historian...

Posted by St. Anne's-Belfield School on Monday, November 16, 2020


7. 31 young alumni celebrated the holiday season with us via Zoom. Sure, there were door prizes (and good ones, too!), but the biggest gift was seeing teachers connect with their former students, who are out making positive change in the world.


8. Pre-Schoolers loved having a peek inside a first grade classroom almost as much as you did. Parents, we long for the days you can rejoin us as campus visitors. Until then, we’re grateful to provide these little glimpses into our School days.


9. “When our youngest was a preschooler she thought the school launched the balloons,” wrote US Dean of Academics Laura Robertson in reply to this photo snapped by Pre-School Teacher Becky Gall. “A two balloon day meant it was going to be especially great!” Here’s to a Two Balloon 2021!


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