Olivia W. ’22 Receives first Division 1 Offer from Radford

By Ruby A. '22

Over Spring Break, Olivia W. ’22 received her first Division One college basketball offer from Radford University. Up to this point, Olivia had only texted some with the head coach, but one day over break, when she was watching Netflix, she received a call from the coach who proceeded to offer her on the spot. “It’s rewarding to know my hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed,” said Olivia on achieving this milestone in her career.

Olivia’s involvement in sports is deep-rooted, she grew up in a sports heavy household. Her father, Billy Wagner, played 16 seasons of Major League Baseball, and both of her older brothers currently play baseball in college. However, it was her mother that got Olivia into basketball. Olivia’s mom played basketball at Ferrum College, and Olivia explained how “seeing a bunch of her trophies around the house sparked her basketball interest.” Growing up in a sports family has been motivating for Olivia, and she stated how her household had provided constant “competitiveness and motivation. It was always hard work, nothing less.”

Olivia recently transferred to Saint Anne’s-Belfield this year. Prior, she was at The Miller School, where she played four seasons of varsity girls basketball. In that time, Olivia scored over 1500 points and led her team to two state championships. Olivia transferred to Saint Anne’s to be a part of the basketball program, and it was the “family aspect and everybody wanting the same goal” that she found appealing. Olivia has enjoyed her experience at Saint Anne’s, she specifically said, “I like how the school pushes me outside of my comfort zone.”

Basketball has undoubtedly played a significant role in Olivia’s life. “If I didn’t play basketball, then I wouldn’t be able to get things done the way I do. It has pushed me always to stay focused and motivated.”


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